Hinges, also known as hinges, are mechanical devices used to connect two solids and allow relative rotation between them. Hinges are mainly installed on doors and windows, while hinges are more often installed on cabinets. The hinge is a cushioning function when the cabinet door is closed, which minimizes the noise caused by the collision with the cabinet when the cabinet door is closed. There are two common kinds of parent-child hinges and flat hinges, so what is the difference between them? Let’s find out together!

Mother-child hinge is a kind of hinge installed on indoor doors. The two pieces are combined and overlapped, on a horizontal plane. There are no misalignments and superpositions, large pieces surround small pieces. The mother-child hinge is an image title, and the reason why it was called at that time was because of the special structure of this hinge, composed of two pieces inside and outside, just like the mother and son, very image, so it was called the mother-child hinge.

Casement hinges are hinges installed on indoor doors or outdoor doors. Flat hinges are symmetrical. The intermediate axis is the axis of symmetry, with the intermediate axis as the center, the hole position and hole spacing can be different, but the length and width of the left and right hinges are the same.

These two types of hinges have their own advantages and features:

The advantages of the mother-in-law stainless steel hinges mainly lie in the ease of assembly and use. Therefore, the application of mother-daughter hinges is relatively extensive. Its special structure makes it very convenient during use, avoiding double grooves on the door and door frame, and directly using screws to fix the door. The casement hinge is not so convenient, and it is necessary to open a slot suitable for its size on the door and door frame, and the two pieces of the hinge are unfolded and stuck in the slot, and then it can be fixed to the door and door frame with screws. This means that every time a stainless steel hinge is installed, a card slot must be opened on the door and door frame to ensure smooth installation. This is naturally not difficult for professional installation masters, but for ordinary home users, it is not so convenient to install. It is necessary to have tools for grooving to install smoothly.

For these two types of hinges, they are selected based on their own needs, and the hinges adapted to different objects are also different. Ruian Huayan Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in pins, spring pins, iron pins, bolts, handles, sliding door handles, stainless steel handles, hinges, hydraulic hinges, high hinges, spring hinges, spring hinges, chain welding mechanical hinges and other hardware products, hinges are one of the company’s main products, complete types, diverse specifications.