Money Tree VS Fortune Tree

Some Taiwanese friends prefer money trees, and some Taiwanese friends like fortune trees, one is that they think they have good meanings, and the other is that they are easy to cultivate.

However, is it more beautiful to raise a money tree, or is it more fun to raise a wealth tree?

This, there is no fixed number…

When it comes to difficult decisions, the director’s solution is: move home together, raise slowly, and pick slowly.

The money tree gets its name from its thick leaves neatly arranged on the branches, resembling strings of copper coins.

Money trees are suitable for placing in larger living rooms and study rooms.

The leaves of the fortune tree are green and tender, the branches are soft, and they are often woven into a braid shape and placed by the window in the living room.

Money trees and fortune trees are both foliage plants worth cultivating, and in this article, let’s talk about their cultivation skills.

Money trees love sunshine


Gold coin tree, cilta taro, zemi leaf southern star.


Asteraceae is a genus of arrowtops.


Perennial evergreen herb.


It likes warm environment, is resistant to drought, avoids scorching sun exposure, and is more resistant to shade.

【Suitable temperature for growth】


【Suitable balcony】

East, south and north facing balconies.

【Preparation of potting soil】

It can be prepared with a mixture of charcoal, perlite and sand in a ratio of 3:1:1.


Keep the air moist and the potting soil dry.

When the room temperature reaches above 33 °C, the plants should be sprayed with water once a day, and the potting soil should be kept dry.

After the beginning of autumn, watering should be reduced, or water spraying should be used instead of watering to maintain the safe winter of freshly pumped young leaves.


The compound liquid fertilizer can be watered 2~3 times a month during the growing season.

In autumn, nitrogen fertilizer should be stopped, and liquid fertilizer based on phosphorus and potassium should be applied 2~3 times continuously.

Top dressing should be stopped when the temperature drops below 15 °C to avoid fertilization damage and root damage under low temperature conditions.


Mainly using the splitting method.

When the outdoor temperature reaches above 18°C in spring, depot the large money tree plant, shake off most of the soil, break it from the weak point of the combination of the rhizome, and apply sulfur powder or grass ash to the wound, and plant it in a pot.

Money trees are light-loving and have strong shade tolerance, and should provide them with a good sunlight environment that is not exposed to the scorching sun.

In spring and summer, shade should be made in 5~6 hours around noon to avoid burns on the leaves.

Braiding the fortune tree

Malabar chestnut, melon chestnut, Chinese kapok.

A genus of melons in the family Kapok family.

Evergreen trees.

Like high temperature, poor cold resistance, drought resistance, moisture resistance, sun and shade resistance.


Any balcony facing is acceptable.

【Room Placement】

It can be prepared with garden soil, saprophyll soil and sand in a ratio of 5:3:2.

Water once every 5~10 days in spring and autumn.

Water every 3~5 days in summer.

In winter, depending on the room temperature, the potting soil is slightly damp, if the room temperature is about 12 °C, water once a month.

Generally, fertilizer is applied once a month, mainly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and appropriate supplementation of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer and iron fertilizer.

From May to September, well-rotted liquid fertilizer or mixed flower fertilizer can be applied once every 15 days to promote deep roots and leafy luxury.

Use the cuttings method.

The mother plant can be selected 15~30 cm in spring and autumn, the stem can be inserted into the pre-prepared potting soil, and then immediately watered and placed in a cool and ventilated place.

How to braid a fortune tree?

1. 3~5 Fortune tree seedlings can be planted in the same pot, and when the stem grows to nearly 2 meters high, the upper part is cut off at 1.2~1.5 meters.

2. Then dig out of the pot and leave it in the semi-shade for 1~2 days to make the stem soft and easy to bend.

3. Then, tie the base of these 3~5 fortune trees together with a rope, braid, put it down on the ground, compact it with heavy objects (such as stones, iron blocks, etc.), tie it tightly with iron wire, and fix the braid shape.

4. Then replant the prepared plants into the pot, strengthen water and fertilizer management, especially apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, so that the stem grows thick.

It’s still fun to be able to braid a fortune tree by yourself, timing and skill are very important, even if you don’t succeed once, you can try it many times, maybe you can create a very unique and personal artistic fortune tree.

To successfully plant the Money Tree and the Fortune Tree, start with the detailed cultivation tips that Taiwanese friends click to collect. After cultivation, careful observation can discover the mystery of plant growth, so as to live up to the hard work and effort.

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Planted on the balcony

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【Suitable temperature for growth】

【Suitable balcony】

【Preparation of potting soil】