Strength of the offer

Jingdong is currently priced at 799 yuan, and after participating in the activity of buying two free one, two pairs pay 799 yuan for free shipping, which is 399.5 yuan per pair. Navy blue and khaki are available, and they are available in size 44 or more, and friends with the right size can buy it.

Product introduction

Clarks is a classic British brand, founded in 1825, is one of the world’s four largest casual footwear brands. The main ones are also comfortable and lightweight shoes. This men’s casual shoe, 15 years new, dark blue suede upper, porous structure of Ortholite insole, with breathable, antibacterial, anti-odor function, two eyes lace design, easy to put on and take off, translucent sole stitching design, exquisite and comfortable.

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