Most of the clothing styles on the market are relatively common now, so it is relatively difficult to wear a unique beauty, but at this time we can make changes in terms of materials. Wang Ziwen wore a black leather jacket this time to make the whole person look cool and handsome, which is very suitable for early spring. Because the weather is relatively cold now, wearing leather clothes can play a warm role, and can also make the whole person more domineering, if we also want to buy one, you can first see how Wang Ziwen creates a fashion shape. “Wang Ziwen” walked to the airport with his little fresh meat boyfriend, wearing leather clothes and beanies, which is super suitable for spring wear!

Analysis of the shape of the prince’s leather coat:

Leather fabrics have a very high-end feel, and compared to other materials, they can be integrated into the clothing, which can make the look more advanced. If we don’t know how to choose, we might as well learn Wang Ziwen to start with the most basic and simple style. Pure black leather clothes are particularly versatile, and black itself has a great thinning effect, no matter what age girls can control.

Silver zippers and metal embellishments make this leather jacket look less monotonous and more shiny. In fact, the leather jacket itself can show the cool feeling of the motorcycle style, and the integration of such a design will not make people feel dull even if they do not wear jewelry. If we wear pure black clothing without such decoration, we can also wear accessories, which can have the same effect.

The black knitted hat is really suitable for Wang Ziwen, making her face look small and delicate, and a hat like this can easily concave a stylish look. And knitted hats are particularly popular in recent years, girls who follow the trend should not miss it. But in fact, there are many alternatives to solid color hats like this, such as black baseball caps with leather jackets can also have a good effect and add vitality.

The leather fit is relatively short, so wearing dark brown high-waisted trousers on the lower body can play a role in the connection and make the legs look more slender. Wang Ziwen is a petite girl in our impression, but this combination can improve the whole person’s figure. Even if our proportions are not perfect, we don’t have to worry at all, as long as we learn to wear it like this, we won’t feel inferior because of our figure.

Suit matching

The black suit is particularly classic, and the prince’s body shape is very well maintained, so the black suit incorporates a slim style to make her look more spiritual. But if we have a little fat on our body, then trying a loose suit is not only comfortable, but also plays a role in covering the flesh and showing thinness.

When wearing a long black suit, you can try the missing underwear. Paired with a pair of suitable high boots, it can play a role in the connection, and the common leather fabric may no longer meet the dressing needs of many cool girls. Then Wang Ziwen’s patent-leather glossy over-the-knee boots are integrated into the whole look, which may give people a bright effect.

White shirt matching

Plain white shirts are very high-end and simple, but if they are not well matched, it is easy to feel bland and boring. Because the white shirt is very popular in daily life, and Wang Ziwen paired it with a pair of high-waisted khaki suit pants. This shape is very intellectually beautiful, and it is both high-end and atmospheric to undo the top buttons of the shirt and wear a necklace.

In addition to khaki suit pants, black suit pants are also a relatively common choice, and black trousers collide with white shirts in perfect harmony. Whether it is a fashion occasion or in the workplace, such a set of looks can be a bold choice with confidence. We can also wear a pair of high-heeled booties on our feet to change our spirits.

The black trousers chosen by Wang Ziwen are not straight or wide-leg designs, but are integrated into the now popular flared pants to make the look more feminine. Pants like this are perfect for girls with thick calves and can visually make the line of the lower body look particularly perfect.

Denim shirt

If you want to give people a bright effect when matching a shirt, then you may wish to imitate Wang Ziwen’s choice of denim shirt, and materials like this are integrated into the shirt, which is very eye-catching. And the denim fabric itself will have a good age-reducing effect, and the lower body is matched with a skirt of the same material, which can instantly create a combination of youthful vitality and high-end femininity.

Sweatshirt matching

The gray gradient sweatshirt is very trendy, although there is no other design in it, but it is very design in terms of color alone. And the shape of this sweatshirt is relatively loose, and the effect of covering the flesh and showing thinness is also very good, and it is not easy to make people feel constrained when traveling daily.

In fact, the sweatshirt itself is a very inclusive clothing, so we can match the pants on the lower body according to our needs. The black trousers selected by Wang Ziwen incorporate a mopping design, which can play a role in lengthening the leg line.

Although Wang Ziwen is relatively petite, his aura can still crush everyone when he goes out, which is not only closely related to her beauty, but also inextricably linked to her clothes. In fact, as long as we learn to match, through clothing to make our beauty vividly displayed, the whole person will be more confident.

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