For people who often travel or like to travel, the disposable underwear is really a must-have artifact. If you are wearing it, you are not afraid that underwear is taking dry or no place to dry, save a lot of trouble.


Next, it is recommended to recommend 8 disposable underwear suitable for travel, independent sterile packaging, safe and comfortable.


Freego | 4th generation cotton disposable underwear



FreeGo is a leader in the disposable underwear industry, with 16 years of production research and development experience, with the first self-operated factory certified through ISO three major quality management system certificates.

FreeGO disposable underwear has been upgraded to the fifth generation, but the fourth generation is still the highest cost performance in the brand. It uses combed cotton, strong tough, ductility, thickness and ordinary cotton underwear. The most important thing is that it has been sterilized by medical grade EO, and each underwear has independent exquisite plastic packaging to ensure the use of sterile safety.


This size is very complete, and the family travel can be satisfied, and the men have triangular peace angles. Such quality is only 3.6 yuan, the travel price is very good, the single one is 25 yuan a week, throwing it, no need to wash it.



蓓安 | Cotton disposable underwear


蓓 安 is the first brand of domestic specialty in a one-time underwear, and the disposable underwear produced in 1995 became a winning product of the 2nd Medical Expo of the country.

There are mainly two materials in the poor cotton and plant fibers, and ethylene oxide sterilization and medical dialysis paper are packaged. Medical dialysis paper packaging is the highest packaging of the safety factor of the disposable underwear, and is also commonly packaged in medical equipment, which can guarantee no residue after sterilization.

In addition to common white, pink, there are colorful five packs, maximum size 3XL, can meet 180 pounds of large size body, pregnant mother can wear; men’s underwear has triangle, flat angle optional, maximum size 6XL. Single prices are 3.8-4.8 yuan, more expensive than FreeGo, but safety is absolutely safe, belonging to the normal price of the first echelon.



Cotton era | Electronic beam sterilization disposable underwear


The whole cotton era is the same, and it is a company with a background of medical products. Its parent company’s Stable Medical Group is a benchmark enterprise in China’s medical dressing products.

The underwear of the cotton era is a material that is made of steady medical patent technology “cotton water thorn non-woven fabric”, has a good skin, non-stimulating, and relatively soft. In disinfection, EO sterilization is commonly used with mainstream products. This technology is a main sterilization of market foods, only one tenth time of EO is sterilized, and there is no chemistry. Residue.

This underwear uses moisture-proof paper to be individually packaged, which can avoid being more hygienic. The price of a single platform is 4.5-7 yuan, cost-effective, compared to budget short-distance travel people.



Jie Liya | Disposable cotton underwear

Jie Liya was established in 2003. Its towel products occupy the first year of sales in the national market for many years. It is the leading brand of China’s towel industry. Jie Liya has Zhejiang, Xinjiang, Hubei three long velvet cotton production research and development base, which has strict control of raw materials.

Jie Liya disposable underwear uses combed cotton on the fabric material. This fabric can greatly reduce the residual cotton, and the wear experience is more soft and comfortable, which can match ordinary underwear. In addition, Jie Ya in the packaging is also suitable as 蓓 安, selects a more secure EO sterilized medical dialysis paper, which not only removes the residual EO gas, but also guarantees a sterile preservation aging.

However, in conventional middle waist, it may not be suitable for maternal, especially a caesarean mother. In terms of price, each price is between 4-5 yuan, winning in Shangchao, there is a paving, and it is very convenient to buy.


嫚 嫚 | disposable cotton underwear

70.00 / 20

Xi Xi is a well-known brand of radiation, self-proclaimed in the UK, registered in the UK, but its main production and sales market is in China, closer to true Chinese brands.

The disposable underwear of Xi Xi reached the basic security technology requirements for textiles, and the EO was sterilized, both maternal or inflammatory patients can be used with confidence.

Although the size is designed for pregnant women, the overall specifications are small, the minimum size is also suitable for women of ordinary body, priced less than 4 yuan, can be purchased at Tmall official flagship store.



Wanning | Disposable cotton underwear


Wan Ning is the largest health and beauty product chain store in Hong Kong. The number of stores and product sales exceed Watson. Wanning disposable underwear chose the Gate of Tongyu Non-woven Products Co., Ltd., which is the same factory with the brand.

Wanning disposable underwear is a material for textile cotton, has a certain elasticity and breathability, and the overall comfort is very close to ordinary underwear, the control is better, less cut and the ball. In terms of safety and health, EO sterilization and independent fine plastic packages can be used to purchase.

The advantage of this is convenient to purchase, suitable for emergency, if the work suddenly needs a business trip, you can immediately buy this disposable underwear to the nearby shopping mall. However, there are not many numbers, not suitable for large-size groups, pay attention to the scope of the code when purchasing.


October crystallization | disposable cotton underwear

In October, the crystallization of Zhejiang Shi Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. is a brand, which is earlier than postpartum health care. In 2013, the sales of many online channels were ranked, and it was a black horse in the maternal and child industry.

October crystallization ladies cotton disposable underwear is designed for maternal, there are a variety of codes optional, and normal ladies can wear, the maximum can satisfy 180 pounds. This underwear is made of cotton as a material, which is characterized by “double layer of the crotch”, and the post-postpartum lochia is not easy to leak.

Because it is a unified middle waist design, it is not suitable for mother-in-Caractary mother, and recommends the use of postpartum recovery periods. This quality price is high in October, and the single price is averaged 3 yuan.



Sub-initial | disposable sterilization


The products of the child are mainly classified as the premature product supplies, baby washing, wipes, baby bedroom, baby feeding and pregnancy skin care series. In 2018, it was a brand of 1 billion yuan in Taobao, and its disposable underwear has always been a leading sheep level.

Son’s first cotton ladies underwear have two models – the regular paragraph and clouds, the raw materials of clouds are the high-quality combing cotton, the texture is more soft and breathable, and the leg added multiple rubber increases Elastic, more comfortable. The price of clouds and regular paragraphs is different, sometimes cheaper, so it is recommended to recommend clouds.

The number of son is relatively complete, but considering that there is a problem with the legal circumference and panty, it is recommended to purchase a few pieces to try a try to see if it is suitable for a few pieces.