Many people say that “vertical stripes look thin, horizontal stripes look fat”, so this very classic and versatile piece is not very popular. However, in Japan, horizontal striped tops are popular. In winter, they are often used as an underwear for styling. Let’s take a look at the Japanese combination of these horizontal striped tops today.

Horizontal striped shirt + pants style

A monochrome look finished with a black and white striped sweater and black pants.

White stripes on a black background add layers to the monochrome shape.

The striped top has dropped shoulders for an atmospheric feel.

The design with a difference between the front and back creates a casual feel, and a stylish design is also adopted to reduce the feeling of monotony.

If you choose the pinstripe pattern, you can complete the mature feeling of a light mature woman without looking too casual.

If you choose high heels, the look will be more stylish.

Horizontal striped tops can enhance femininity if they are designed with a tight fit.

Choose reddish-brown pants as bottoms with a sharp color scheme that looks great.

This cute pullover features a cropped slim fit.

The styling is finished in basic black and white, providing a simple yet sophisticated look.

The elegant pinblack striped knit on a white background is perfect for pairing with pretty trousers.

Since the styling is dominated by light tones, the whole look will look good when using dark heels and handbags.

The brown-based stripe pattern is perfect for winter looks.

By combining pants of similar colors, you can make the look look consistent.

Multi-colored striped wool cardigan with a colorful color scheme.

For bottoms, just choose jeans to finish the look.

A loose striped top is paired with oversized trousers for a relaxed look.

Don’t worry about looking fat, just tuck the front hem of the striped top into your pants by “French plug” to complete a great casual styling style.

Horizontal striped shirt + skirt shape

Pair a down jacket over a horizontal striped shirt for a warm look.

The choice of jacket with a collarless design means a clean neck.

The striped top of the pink top makes this light-colored look even more outstanding.

Knitted tops create a casual look.

Lace skirts and black leather boots make your look sweet and feminine.

Classic striped shirt + denim skirt casual style.

The skirt is leggings, so it will increase the maturity of the look.

Add high heels for added femininity.

This striped sweater has a vivid color scheme that makes the look look shine.

For other pieces, choose basic black and white to fully accentuate the beautiful color of the knit.

Pinstriped tops can be paired with tight skirts for a feminine look.

Looks that predominantly light colors tend to give the impression of inflatedness, but striped shirts do not.

The striped pattern of the top adds clarity to the outfit, which, combined with dark boots on the feet, tightens the styling.

A loose casual top with wide stripes and a long, skinny ribbed skirt.

Even in the style of sneakers, it does not look like a man and looks mature and elegant.

It is a casual style suitable for light mature women.

The horizontal stripe is more classic than the vertical stripe, it originated from the “sea soul shirt” born more than a hundred years ago, if you miss it, it will undoubtedly make the look less classic choices. Try a horizontal striped top and don’t worry about getting fat!