A set of new autumn and winter bags is on the shelves this week, and you can choose

Caramel brown calf leather


Houndstooth tweed

Interpret the Triomphe shoulder bag and 16 collection of handbags with a vintage preppy vibe.

The new Patapans Pliage oversized shoulder bag has an olive body

What about the red-black Tartan check

The Leandre Hobo handbag embellishes warmth at the top and shoulder strap

Lamb fleece

, with a winter atmosphere.

In late autumn, when the temperature drops sharply, the cabinet should also change the season~

CELINE Fall/Winter 2021 fashion show

· Houndstooth ·

Vintage elegant


Autumn and winter textures, CELINE is woven with a blend of caramel brown, beige and blue-purple yarns this season


The fabric, paired with tan calfskin, is a classic earthy palette with a touch of nostalgia.

The Teen Triomphe shoulder bag and cropped wallet are embellished with recognisable pieces

Gold-tone triumphal buckle

Teen Soft 16

Teen Bucket 16 bucket bag

The bag type itself is more casual style, and after changing to houndstooth tweed, it becomes more affinity, and the practicality and versatility are impeccable, from lazy home style to workplace OL wear.

· Red and Black Grid ·

Patapans chain pack

Featuring a Pliage bag with foldable sides, the mouth is closed at two pointed ends


Shape, soft texture relaxed and casual.

A large size is currently available

What about the red and black Tartan check

The version, embellished with the calfskin Triomphe-embossed logo on the front, is a bit punk preppy.

Men’s collection launched

Red and black checkered AVA handbag

The canvas shoulder strap can be adjusted in length.

· Leandre Hobo handbags ·

Leandre Hobo handbags

It is a new bag type launched this season, with a rounded shape



Short shoulder straps

Design, revealing the temperament of the vintage bag.

This show is used

Brown calf leather

Made into a bodied and decorated with beige

Sheep shearing

The mouth and shoulder straps, the upper body is comfortable and the capacity is large, which is definitely a winter powerhouse.

· New Product Announcement ·

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