Careful you will find that now there are many software systems on the mobile phone, there will be a record “steps” this setting, if you walk a day to reach the target, there will be a certain amount of red envelope rewards, both exercise, but also make some small money, in such a beautiful season, without a good pair of “equipment”, how can you easily spend the north and south, then choose a comfortable pair of net shoes is what you have to do now.

As a type of man, how can you do the smell of stuffy feet, which not only affects your overall image in the eyes of others, but also your own feet will be stuffy and rotten, painful and itchy at all, did not choose a pair of comfortable and breathable shoes, and how can you boldly run on the road to endless success, without a pair of high-quality net shoes, how can you sweat in the gym, have a good figure, shine in front of the opposite sex, all indications show that you must not lack a pair of net shoes in your shoe cabinet.

No.1 low-top blade mesh shoes

Play with a new attitude, tide out of new fashion, this new trend fashion net shoes to give you a cool type of male style, it uses flying woven mesh upper, wear breathability is excellent, give your feet full of care, and its novel and creative personality hole hollow sole, stepping on the elastic effect is unexpected, and it also has a cushioned shock absorption anti-slip effect, not easy to deform, super durability, let you love it “feet”.

No.2 casual trend net shoes

The philosophy of life of walking time, not only shoes, walking is not only the road, but also the encounter between time and life steps, this casual mesh shoes simple appearance design, the upper is made of delicate and glossy microfiber fabric, durable and easy to care for, and its wear-proof and breathable cotton inner design, can efficiently absorb sweat and breathe, the most important thing is to wear it for how long will not grind your feet, and its choice of Hyperion insole, stepping on it also has a magical massage function, making you walk more comfortable.

No.3 trendy sports net shoes

Walking thousands of miles, seeing thousands of scenery, better than reading thousands of books, growing experience, learning more things, but when you go out, always have to prepare a pair of comfortable shoes, this mesh shoe with flying thread woven upper, exquisite and not easy to scratch, as well as its classic lace-up style, cotton laces, not easy to deform, and its interior is a high-quality breathable mesh design, comfortable and sweat-wicking, fashionable logo pattern design, so that the original simple shoes look more colorful.

No.4 breathable mesh shoes

The shoe cabinet is filled with all kinds of leather shoes, cloth shoes, sneakers, but only can not lack a pair of mesh shoes, it gives you the feeling of walking barefoot on the cold water in summer, comfortable and cool, this pair of mesh shoes made of thickened cowhide fabric, soft texture and delicate color and strong, its upper is made of breathable three-layer mesh, with sun protection and dust protection, but also to ensure ventilation and ventilation in the shoe cavity, and its convenient elastic band, fit the instep and heel of the perfect curve design, can adjust the tightness at will, It makes you walk lightly and not easily lose your shoes.

No.5 Korean version canvas mesh shoes

Wear out the sunshine and vitality of the trend of fashion net shoes, so that every step of your walk is comfortable and not tired feet, this net shoes use exquisite upper, soft material, comfortable toe, soft performance, folding resistance is also extremely high, no matter how to break will not break, so that it will be more comfortable to wear, and its wear-resistant and cushioning sole, so that you walk more safely, the important thing is its workmanship, exquisite thread pressing, a stitch and a thread are very meticulous, so that you can see the quality of the shoe.

No.6 British running net shoes

For male gods, although the choice of clothing styles is not as many as the goddesses, but a good pair of shoes for you is indispensable, this pair of suede material net shoes, using a bold splicing design principle, fashionable and personalized appearance design looks more charming, in addition to its pressurized rubber sole, with a thick sole, but very light, comfortable and light to wear, but also to a certain extent to help you improve your height, so that you immediately have perfect long legs.

For type men, wearing shoes will feel special cost shoes, wear less than a month, shoes will appear one or another problem, wearing will be very embarrassing, but can not often be changed around, the cost is too large, so it is better to choose a pair of high-quality, high-value net shoes are more fashionable and comfortable.