1. Skirt with close-fitting fabric



This kind of fabric skirt, is not very recommended to choose, because as we get older, most of our figure will have more or less a little defect, wearing this kind of close-fitting fabric skirt, our body shortcomings are amplified. So, how do we choose in terms of fabric? Rabbit is more recommended that when choosing a fabric, you should choose the kind of both


And there is

Musculoskeletal feeling

of the kind. For example, like

Hemp material

Heavy silk


Acetate fabric

This kind of skirt will not expose our body defects

2. Wrapped skirt above the knee

As we get older, don’t go

Wear above the knee

The wrapped skirt, of course

Below the knee

It’s no problem, the wrapped skirt above the knee, this length is for little girls, and it is not very recommended for everyone to wear it here

3. Dresses with trivial patterns

Small broken flowers

Give a kind

There are no boundaries

The feeling of visually presenting a particularly large feeling, in the rabbit’s view,

Flower type


At least I didn’t learn very well, so if I didn’t learn very well, I would give up this choice. Little floral dresses, unless you

Exquisite makeup

, or rather yours

The skin is very fair

, so that you can wear it very foreign. Yellow-skinned rabbits who don’t usually wear much makeup will accidentally dress dirty. Therefore, it is still recommended that you choose according to your actual situation

4. Loose and fat skirt

This dress looks like a wall, and although rabbits occasionally wear it, I will add some

Waist seal


Curves are displayed

。 Although this skirt is very wide and can be handled

Fat meat

It covers all of them, but at the same time it covers all the places where we look good, and there is no curve to speak of, let alone charm. Therefore, everyone must be cautious when choosing this kind of skirt

These four rabbits think that the skirt is not suitable for women over 40 years old, so share it here, if you fairies have other additions, you are also welcome to leave a comment