It’s been really cold lately…

Getting up and changing into pajamas is like torture, going out to blow the wind is like being cut by a knife,

Even sitting in the office is like sitting in an ice cellar!

Friends didn’t keep warm during their lunch break,

The cold invaded the cold, and the hanging needle was sharpened for a week.

I’m actually afraid of winter!

Every season

Hands turn into large pieces of ice and iron

, typing is not bad anymore ..

A few years ago, I didn’t protect my hands well and got frostbite,

itchy and red and swollen,

Like drilling hundreds of ants to torture the dead,

It also often recurs, and the originally white and tender hands look 10 years old!

Certainly tried a lot of workarounds:

For example, drink more hot water, but you can only warm your stomach,

Should the hands and feet be ice or ice.

For example, if you wear a ball, you can’t resist the cold from creeping through the window into the crack of your clothes.

Handwarming bags are not recommended at all, it is troublesome to use and often charged,

The main thing is that there is a risk of explosion …

There is also a table top sun that has been relatively hot in recent years, warm is warm, but it is also dangerous

And it is roasted into a desert dry skin in minutes,

No amount of expensive essence water can be saved.

But this year, a black technology desk warmer has rolled up in the office!

It’s like throwing an electric blanket on the tabletop.

Working with your hands on it is warm all day.

But everyone feedback: some are not hot quickly, some are heated unevenly, some will be hot and cold and cannot be kept at a constant temperature…

But one of them

Recommended by Luo Yonghao


To stand out, I must give you strong Amway!!

Super boost winter well-being

This is recognized by the office sisters as easy to use, almost everyone has one, and the appearance is super high, or the original patent design illustration.

The first thing I do when I come to work now is to pat it~

Take a pat

The small white light is 38°C

Shoot twice

Warm yellow is medium temperature 42 ° C,

Shoot three times

Warm red is a high temperature stop 48°C!

Heat up immediately within 15 seconds

, such a large pad except for the switch, everything else is super uniform warmth!

Arm attached to it when working,

Warm heat energy is continuously delivered from the arm to the whole body

, It won’t be cold all day~

The lunch break would have been cold and restless, and with it

Go into a deep sleep within 1 minute


, the feeling of warmth is very comfortable.

Originally, lunch began to cool after 5 minutes,

Now eat slowly for 20 minutes, which is the temperature of the freshly baked

, after all, there is a constant temperature heating pad below~

Don’t panic when the soup oil for eating and the coffee you drink splash on the table mat,

PVC material is waterproof and stain-resistant, and wet wipes are wiped just like newly bought.

If you forget to turn off in a hurry after work, don’t panic!

Every 4 hours, it automatically loses power

to keep everyone safe.

To achieve such a good effect, the brand strength should not be underestimated!

SOTHING is a new domestic niche designer home appliance brand in recent years.

The brand’s products have appeared in different Korean dramas:

It has also appeared

The live broadcast room of the three giants with strict selection requirements


Pat warm table mat as soon as it goes online

The love of 10,000 bloggers!

As soon as it was really placed there, the whole atmosphere rose~

I can’t keep such a good thing privately, let’s follow me to learn more about it!

Originally, the humidity was low in winter

, plus the usual office heating is air conditioning heater fan,

It almost wants to suck people dry of moisture!

But patting the warm table cushion leans

Stable heat energy is transmitted through the clothing image

Make the body feel as comfortable as a vacation in Hawaii,

There will be no dryness at all.

Its heating rate is fast and steady,

Up to 96% heating area!

Almost the whole cover, hanging the ordinary heating blanket on the market.

Because it is not built-in heating wire that is used in ordinary table warmers on the market, but

High-density carbon crystal heating film!!

The heat-generating carbon crystals treated by the hot pressing process are flat without protrusions,

The heat is uniform, and the temperature of the outermost touch is no different from the center~

And such a big table mat

It is only 2.5cm thick, but it has a 5-layer temperature locking process

Super safe to use.

What’s more, it’s so sensible! Pat warm table mat consumes only 0.08 kWh of electricity per hour.

1 day in the office = only 1 hour of electricity for the air conditioner,

At home, it is not distressing, and in the company, it directly saves you all the electricity bills!

Customers who have purchased

The positive rating is also as high as 99%

, they all expressed their surprise:

SOTHING to pat warm table mats are sold on Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, and Xiaomi,

Unified price control 99 yuan +.

But we bought and pestered the brand side for a week, and finally got 100 fan welfare prices:

Straight down 10 yuan, only 89 yuan

7 days no reason to return and exchange, 15 days quality problem replacement!!

It is not a problem to use for 2~3 years, 4-color patent illustrations are optional, high-grade models are not colliding, and they are available in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

It is only 0.08 yuan per day

, if it is used in the company, the company will pay the electricity bill for you for 3 months and earn it back.

Colleagues started a month earlier than us, let’s use this “devastated” pat warm table mat to evaluate its performance!

Knocking over water glasses in the office is the norm.

After wetting the mat, it is very good to wipe

, Heat energy is still being output, which does not affect at all!

Oops, the spicy strips I ate at work accidentally fell on.

Gently wipe with a wet wipe,

The oil stains and dirt are all gone, and the light-colored table mat is not afraid of getting dirty easily.

I’m not afraid if I get on the stroke~

Slippery pads on the table can affect the work,

The warm table mat also has a super “gripper”, which can be firmly grasped even on the slope.

It is not easy to slip off when it is shaky.

It’s not just a table warmer but also an oversized mouse pad,

Anti-electromagnetic interference treatment is set inside,

Ensure smooth use of the mouse without fluttering,

The position is also accurate, and the office and playing games can not be done without it!

Many people are worried, if you forget to close the shift, will there be an accident?

It comes with a timer shutdown function: the product will automatically shut down after 4 hours of booting.

Not only that, but it passed

4 international official testing standards, all qualified!

Even if you buy it for the children in the family to go to school, you can put 100 hearts.

When our company celebrated Thanksgiving, we also gave one to every colleague, which was so intimate!

Everyone has used the mouse pad, do you often feel that the more you use it, the dirtier and more tired you look.


Holly’s designer spent half a year to create the Forest Flower Sun and Moon collection

, you must start and try!

The series is

100% original design, has obtained patent certificate

, compare the “rotten street” in minutes.

It is divided into four series:

Those who like kittens or have little masters at home have chosen

“Sunset Cat”

, super cute decompress!

Love the recommendation of the light flower sea

“Flowers Never Sleep”

, very advanced abstract design, not tired of looking.

Bound by work, I have always yearned for mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, so I choose

“Whale Under the Moon”

Be free and heal yourself.

“Lin Weishen”

Made of irregular dark and light color stitching, it brings breakthrough vitality to the dull winter~

Not only is the design done well, but the details are also applauded!

150cm long power cord

, to solve the big problem of socket far.

Pluggable good-looking connectors, return to ordinary mouse and keyboard pads in summer, warm hand god pads in autumn and winter!

Ordinary mouse pads fall apart when used without hemming,

The table mat is manually hemmed,

It is not easy to degum and is not a problem to use for two or three years.

It is still 80*32cm super large size, and boys who are afraid of cold can buy it back.

There are also bloggers who are too cold at home to use it as a foot warmer, which is also comfortable!

For office workers and student parties, the most “hard” thing in winter is that their hands are too cold when typing on the keyboard and writing.

Instead of using hand warmers that often need to be flushed, and heaters that dry your skin.

It’s really nice to have a warm mat that accompanies you every day in the cold winter,

Simple operation, high appearance, and 3 temperature control adjustments, it is worth starting!

And it’s really affordable, after all, it works instead of so many products:

Take advantage of the 10 yuan discount from the brand side to grab an order:

Since then, the girls no longer have the trouble of cold hands and feet, and they can also warm their hearts and sleep during their lunch break, which is really beautiful.

Compared with ordinary hats and scarves gifts, I think this is 100 times more intimate!!

Christmas is coming soon, I don’t know what to give to my friends, you can put it up first.

“Shen” reimburses hot selling goods