The trench coat is a fashion mecca in the hearts of countless people. But trench coats have their own dressing knowledge, how easy it is to wear a trench coat!

“There has never been a garment, like a trench coat, that speaks of righteousness and evil; It can be formal or casual, retro or trendy”, which shows the versatility of the trench coat and the difficulty of dressing. Because although it looks basic, it is actually too difficult to figure out.

First, what is the key to wearing a trench coat?

If trench coats can be distinguished by price, and the more expensive the trench coat, the better, then it is simple.

Unfortunately, in fact, it is not the more expensive the windbreaker to buy, the better, and it is even difficult to see the premium of the trench coat from the price. But we are fortunate to have countless collocations and selections and experiences for us to learn from.

After comparing multiple sets of fashionable and classic trench coats, we found the trench coat selection tips for high-end fashionable talents:

Trench coats should be selected according to body type,

In this way, you can wear the body to show your figure and class.

2. How to choose a trench coat according to body shape?

(NO.1) Know the trench coat

(1) Common fit of a trench coat

Trench coats also have their own “body shape”. Common trench coat versions are divided into the following three types:

Type X, Type H and Type A.

The upper and lower H type is straight cylinder type, without obvious width and narrowness change; Type A trench coat is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom; The X-shaped trench coat adds a distinct belt or cinched waist design to the waist on the basis of the slightly loose H-shaped or A-shaped trench coat in the front, forming an X-shaped silhouette.

(2) Common length of a trench coat

After figuring out some of the common shape designs of trench coats, do you know what lengths of trench coats they have?

Trench coats are also available in three regular lengths:

short above the hips, mid-length below the hips, above the knees; Long below the knee, above the ankle.

(3) Distribution of the center of gravity of the trench coat

What is the distribution of the center of gravity? It’s the first thing you look at.

Where the line of sight or design elements are concentrated, is the center of gravity of the trench coat.

For example, among the above two trench coats, the first trench coat is the most likely to attract attention with the large button position is down, so the center of gravity of the trench coat is down. The complex neckline and belt of the second trench coat are concentrated on the upper body, so the center of gravity of the trench coat is up.

So what is the relationship between the distribution of the center of gravity of the trench coat and the visual effect of the trench coat? The relationship is big, most people don’t know.

The position of the center of gravity of the trench coat is usually more eye-catching,

Therefore, the center of gravity of the trench coat must be placed in the most advantageous part of your figure. At the same time, small fat bodies are more recommended to choose the windbreaker style with the center of gravity~

(NO.2) Recognize common body types

How can you know a trench coat and still don’t know your body type? Body shape mainly depends on the contour line of the figure.

Based on this, we have the following common body types:

01.O-shaped body (apple-shaped body):

Waist circumference is much larger than hip circumference,

It belongs to the typical “pot-bellied” body. But it is gratifying that girls of this size usually have slender limbs.

02.V-shaped body (inverted triangle body):

With wide shoulders and narrow hips, although it is a body that does not look very feminine, it is superior to the high-class atmosphere and has a cool and handsome atmosphere.

03.X-shaped body (hourglass type):

It is the ideal body in the hearts of most women, with large breasts, thin waists and beautiful hips, and is beautiful and colorful.

04.A-shaped body (pear-shaped body):

The upper body line is slender and perfect,

But the only fly in the ointment is that there is more meat at the base of the buttocks and thighs, so the lower body will look stronger.

05.H-shaped body (straight body):

Although the whole is too flat, there is no sense of curve. But girls with thin H-shaped bodies usually wear high-class and cool temperament, which is a typical “hanger” figure~

(NO.3) Choose a trench coat according to body type

(1) O-shaped body

The point of wearing a trench coat is to weaken the waist,

Expose the most advantageous joints such as wrists and ankles.

Loose A-shaped trench coat, simple and straightforward trench coat

All perfect for you.

(2) X-shaped body

As the perfect body in the hearts of most girls,

Be sure to highlight your curvy beauty when dressing.

Trench coat styles that slim down the waist or show off the waist are all arranged quickly.

And some trench coats that are too fat and silhouette are somewhat wasteful of this good figure~

(3) H-shaped body

In fact, the H-shaped body does not have much defect except for the lack of curves.

When choosing a trench coat, pay attention to emphasize the sense of volume of the shoulders and hips, create a high waist line, and focus on the proportion of the body.

Some trench coats with epaulettes, padded shoulders, or puff sleeves

It fits very well with you, so you have to arrange it quickly!

(4) A-shaped body

In addition to hip width, sisters of this type of body usually have problems with slippery or rounded shoulders.

Remember to choose shoulder pads or puff sleeves trench coats that add volume to your shoulders, and don’t choose a loose hem.

(5) V-shaped body

Contrary to the A-shaped body, the V-shaped body is too wide shoulders, and the shoulder width must be deliberately weakened in the selection and matching.

A trench coat with V-shape, U-shape and minimalist neckline is perfect for you.

X-shaped and A-shaped trench coats are also your “dishes”~

Third, how to make the trench coat wear, the most prominent body advantages?

(Tips at a glance)

* The focus of highlighting the advantages of the body is to “promote the strengths and avoid the weaknesses”.

Well-developed parts should be exposed through self-cultivation, skin exposure, etc.; Areas that do not have advantages should be covered with a loose, minimalist design.

*There should be a certain contrast.

If the height is high, the length of the upper short and the lower length, the outer length and the inner short are used to compare the length and short; To show thinness, use the width and narrow contrast of outer width and inner tightness, top width and bottom tightness.

(How to wear different bodies to feel superior)

(1) Small body & petite and delicate

Fashion surprises you everywhere. Unexpectedly, one day the petite and delicate little man will also be able to achieve a “big career”.

Compared with the loose long trench coat that is easy to show drag, the short trench coat with a simple design on the right is directly matched with a simple straight leather skirt, but it is the ability and neatness that others cannot envy.

(2) Tall body & atmosphere and aura

Due to the height advantage, tall girls have eye-catching and aura attributes. With this unique body advantage, how can you not play well?

All kinds of long trench coats were immediately arranged, with long skirts and trousers. They are all the best fashion bigwigs!

(3) Slightly chubby body & personality and avant-garde

Both short and tall have their own advantages, and so do slightly chubby girls. If you can’t be a slender skinny girl, then be a treasure girl with a unique personality~

The basic black trench coat lays the aura, with personalized turquoise wide-leg pants, trendy Klein blue handbag, personality is the fashion way out for slightly fat girls!

(4) Slimming body & delicate and line

The focused khaki trench coat is paired with wide-leg pants, and for the H-shaped body with its own straight line, this loose straight line design does not have to worry about looking fat.

Wearing a black T with small white pants, the cold feeling and neutral atmosphere are irreplaceable fashion symbols when wearing a trench coat for H-shaped figures.

IV. Conclusion

It seems that whether you are tall or short, A or X-shaped, you have the most suitable trench coat.

After practice, I know that a good trench coat is better than a good choice. You only need to choose a trench coat according to the body type, you can wear a sense of premium, isn’t it fragrant?