“Get out!” Leng Junhao suddenly shouted sharply, and the displeasure on his face added a little disgust, and he flicked it hard, brushing Ye Zinan far away.

When he glanced at Ye Zinan coldly, the boredom in his eyes was not reserved at all.

“Brother Leng! Why don’t you tell people every time? What’s wrong with people loving you and liking you? I can love you in place of my sister! Brother Leng, are we getting married? Ye Zinan said excitedly, and came over again and hugged Leng Junhao tightly.

“Ye Zinan! No one can replace your sister! You’d better take your heart back and roll! Leng Junhao threw off Ye Zinan, who was like a fish in eight catches, and his voice was even more indifferent and cold without repair.

Leng Junhao’s indifference made Ye Zinan’s heart even more unwilling, and she looked at Leng Junhao’s ruthlessly departing back and roared angrily.

“Leng Junhao, you wait for me! You can only be my husband! It can only be mine! Ye Zinan roared inside.

She is really crazy, and she loves Leng Junhao crazy.

Since she was a child, watching Leng Junhao come to her house every day to find her sister, and seeing Leng Junhao being so gentle and considerate to Su Ziyao, she vowed to snatch Leng Junhao from her sister!

Later, no one robbed her, and she also successfully got Leng Junhao’s love, he saved her and cured her, but he made her look like Su Ziyao!

He cared about her and gave her all the gentle and considerate that originally belonged to Su Ziyao, and thought that he was in love with her, so she dared to confess, and even seduced him!

But he! He actually regarded her like a wolf and a beast from now on, avoiding her!

How could Ye Zinan be willing to do this?

Or should she have to do it differently?

Grand Hyatt Grand Hotel, the most exclusive super-six-star hotel in Kyoto in country Z.

A grand cocktail party is in full swing, this is the Meng Crown Group’s banquet in Z country to invite wealthy businessmen and dignitaries from all walks of life.

On the other hand, there were no people who invited the monarch group!

It’s really ironic, banqueting guests in his Leng family’s hotel, but not inviting people from his Leng family to participate!

Leng Junhao, who was sitting in the monitoring room of the hotel, held a crystal goblet in his hand, his eyes kept staring at the video of the cocktail party, and on the video cut into a nine-square grid in front of him, he aimed his electronic eyes at Su Ziyao wearing a noble purple bandeau evening dress at every angle, so that he could see her at 360 degrees without dead ends!

Her tall figure makes this evening dress from a famous French master so sexy, not seen for six years, more plump. The evening dress was originally a bandeau, but in order to make this dress more eye-catching, the designer added a large bow at the junction of the left shoulder and armpit, and it was the troublesome bow that made her chest more visible.

Leng Junhao saw that the eyes of all the men at the banquet were looking at her chest first when they walked towards Su Ziyao!

At the venue, some of the invited people knew the origin of the Crown Group, but more people were mysterious about this high-profile and menacing Crown Group.

The more mysterious it was, the more interested everyone was, but they saw the guests discussing in groups of three or five.

“Have you heard, the Crown Group heard that it is still an enterprise of the royal family of Mengguo, and whoever can climb a project of the Crown Group tonight will be a big deal.”

“Yes, it is said that the Crown Group plans to invest 500 billion yuan in the development of country Z this time!”

“Five hundred billion? Really fake? What a big deal! Hurry up and hug your thighs! ”

“Hugging your thighs? Gee, don’t think about it, people come to deal only with companies with government backgrounds. ”

“Do you mean the Nianjia?” Someone else was asking, so everyone looked at the center of the lobby, where Su Ziyao, the CEO of the Crown Group, was holding a goblet and talking with Nian Zhangong.

Being able to invite the rich merchants of Kyoto in country Z at one time can only be done with the help of Nian Zhan Gong, so as soon as the music sounded, Su Ziyao danced the first dance of the dance with Nian Zhan Gong.

Leng Junhao, who was staring at the video, immediately changed his face, he stood up reluctantly, the red wine glass in his hand fell hard, and his eyes were like sharp knives staring at the hand holding Su Ziyao’s thin waist.

I really should have stomped on the hand of that damn old satyr! Leng Junhao’s face was cold

He pressed the inner line, and then ordered: “Turn off the electricity in the entire lobby!” ”

When the hotel manager heard Leng Junhao’s order, the whole person was stunned, and he was a little incredulous: “Huh? After a sigh, he couldn’t react for a long time.

This is the most famous super six-star hotel in Beijing, and it is now the biggest business of the month, and the boss is convulsing, right? You know that if the lights are stopped and the cocktail party of the Crown Group is ruined, how much damage will the hotel have to compensate for?

“Otherwise, you will get out of here immediately!” Leng Junhao added coldly.

When the entire hotel lobby fell into a black oppression, the Grand Hyatt Hotel resounded with a burst of women’s screams, followed by various panicked sounds, the sound of glasses being knocked down and broken, and the entire Grand Hyatt Hotel sounded chaotic.

For this sudden accident, Su Ziyao stood a little at a loss, at this time, a man’s hand pulled her to the side and took her to safety, and then turned on the flashlight of the mobile phone.

“Miss Su, are you all right?” The man looked at Su Ziyao with concern and asked.

Su Ziyao recognized the man as Nian Chenchao, the son of Nian Zhan Gong, through the light of her mobile phone, and she shook her head gratefully and said, “I’m fine, thank you.” ”

She forced herself to calmly shrink to the corner with Nian Chen, and looked helplessly at the chaotic guests around her.

Who told her that Grand Hyatt was the best in service? The fee is so high, there will actually be such an oolong halfway?!

“Miss Su is fine, my father has already sent someone to deal with the manager of this hotel, don’t worry.” Nian Chenchao’s voice sounded warm and sounded very good.

“That’s good, it’s really bothering you.” Su Ziyao said sincerely. Her assistant didn’t know where to run while she was in trouble, she glanced at it, the lobby was still a mess, although some guests had turned on their mobile phone flashlights, but the light was too weak to see who was who.

But suddenly, she didn’t know who pushed her, causing her to crash into Nian Chenchao, Nian Chenchao’s hand holding the mobile phone flashlight slipped, and his mobile phone fell to the ground, and the flashlight went out at once.

At this time, a strong big hand picked her up and quickly left the dance hall with her.

“Who are you? Where are you taking me? Su Ziyao asked alertly.

“Bring it and sell it.”

A cold but playful voice said.

Isn’t this Leng Junhao’s voice? Su Ziyao angrily threw Leng Junhao’s hand away, Leng Junhao turned on the flashlight and shot it directly at Su Ziyao, and the strong light made Su Ziyao squint.

“Boring.” Su Ziyao glared at Leng Junhao fiercely, turned around and hurriedly walked back.

Su Ziyao’s mind turned quickly, as for why Leng Junhao appeared here, she didn’t need to think about the reason.

He recognized himself, and his drinking party in his Grand Hyatt Hotel was nothing more than a provocation to him, but he didn’t expect that he would actually turn off the electricity of the entire hotel in a frenzy.

“Want to go? Well? Leng Junhao grabbed it with a big hand, pulled Su Ziyao back again, and quickly pressed Su Ziyao to the wall, cutting off all her retreats.

“Sir, why did you bring me here? Do you know that I can sue you for such actions. Su Ziyao stared at Leng Junhao and continued coldly: “For your hotel’s performance tonight, my lawyer will send a lawyer’s letter soon, you can wait.” ”

Who knew that Leng Junhao laughed disapprovingly: “Don’t worry, isn’t it just such a loss?” I can afford it! Now, can you tell me, why did you come back and pretend not to know me? ”

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t know you in the first place.” Su Ziyao said politely, even looking at Leng Junhao’s eyes were unfamiliar.

“Then you must remember how I kissed you.” Leng Junhao said, swallowing Su Ziyao’s small mouth, sucking her tender red lips, gentle as water.

Su Ziyao’s heart was pounding, constantly accelerating, damn it, after so many years, she still couldn’t resist him, couldn’t resist his gentleness, his plunder.

She really wanted to slap herself fiercely and incite herself to wake up, but raised her hand, but threw it at Leng Junhao, “snapped”, and a slap fell on Leng Junhao’s face, Leng Junhao suddenly let go of her, looking at Su Ziyao in disbelief.

“You actually won’t kiss me for you? Still reaching out to hit me? Leng Junhao’s tone was as cold as frost, staring at Su Ziyao and asking.

“Hmph, that’s because you should hit!” Su Ziyao hugged his hands, one lowered his head, and wanted to dodge the space he was holding, but the next second he was grabbed by his stronger and stronger hands, and the murderous kiss fell again…

Just when the two lips were about to touch each other, a male voice interjected: “Miss Su, the lobby has called, and now the waiter is cleaning up the mess, my father thought you were missing.” ”

It’s Nian Chen Chao! The son of years of war merit!

Su Ziyao didn’t want to drag down Nian Chenchao, so she quickly took advantage of Leng Junhao’s slack to avoid his confinement and ran out in small steps.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect Leng Shao to destroy people’s drinking parties so aggressively in order to pick up girls.” Nian Chenxiao looked at Leng Junhao sarcastically and said, he had just listened to it for a while, although he didn’t know what entanglement there was between Leng Junhao and Su Ziyao, but he could see that Leng Junhao liked Su Ziyao very much.

In front of him, this is Leng Junhao, the president of the Junwang Group, the most outstanding Chinese youth in country Z, on weekdays, that is a figure that can only be seen in financial magazines,

“What do you have to do with it?” Leng Junhao spit out a few cold words, and left without looking at him. He disdained to associate with the rich second generation who could only eat, drink and have fun.

Nian Chenxiao kept looking playfully at Leng Junhao, who disappeared into the special elevator.

Leng Junhao sat in front of the monitor, watching everyone cleaning up the mess of the dance, and when such a thing happened, a good drinking party had ended early.

His sharp eyes have been searching for Su Ziyao’s figure, but what about her?

“Xiao Hui, check for me, where is Su Ziyao now!” Humph, want to hide from him? No way!

If he gave up so easily, then would he still be Leng Junhao? Suspended animation disappeared for six years, did she dare not give him an explanation?

About an hour later, Xiao Hui’s call came in: “Leng Shao, I found out, Miss Su is now in the K8 bar and has an appointment with Nian Chenchao.” ”

“Very good!” Leng Junhao spit out two words fiercely, and his eyes flashed with a gloomy light.

Nian Chenchao again? Hmph, that’s a well-known affair in the circle, Yaoyao and Nian Chen Chao have an appointment? How could it be without him!

Leng Junhao pulled out a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and called Xiaohui while driving.

The most luxurious bar in Kyoto in country Z – K8.

At the long bar of K8, a peerless beauty wearing a purple tight dress was smiling and flicking her good-looking bangs, and the round and big Danfeng eyes blinked, looking at Shaodong of Yiming Group in front of him, and raised a glass: “Young man, I really thank you today, I respect you for this cup.” ”

“Hehe, whatever, it would be my honor to have the opportunity to get so close to the president of the mythical goddess of the Meng Crown Group! Dry! Nian Chen’s super evil handsome face showed Chiguoguo’s appreciation without embellishment.

In the circle of Nian Chen Chao, there are countless women, but they have really never been able to combine beauty and wisdom with a woman like Su Ziyao!

She has royal elegance and is natural.

Nian Chen Chao half-squinted his sexy eyes, a glass of red wine slipped down his throat, and then raised the empty glass to Su Ziyao in an atmospheric manner, and shouted in a sexy voice: “I also know, your English name is YOYO!” Right? ”

Su Ziyao smiled, raised the cup and took a sip, her red lips closed lightly, and said: “Young people actually know my English name!” ”

Nian Chenchao pulled out a seductive smile and said lightly: “Hehe, such an outstanding woman as YOYO can’t find five in the world, how can you not know?” If Miss Su doesn’t mind, you can call me Chao directly, or Chen Chao. ”

The night machine of everything, starting with seduction.

“I think it may be more profound to call Superman, after all, Superman likes to wear underwear.”

An angry voice suddenly cut in.

Nian Chenchao looked at the reputation unhappily, but it was Leng Junhao again? But people who have never interacted with each other are so unfriendly every time they appear today.

“Hao Shao, the hostility is so obvious, it’s too unfriendly.” Nian Chenchao frowned.

“Huh.” Leng Junhao sneered and said: “Young man, he openly seduced beautiful women in the K8 bar hall, do you say your red faces will appear here?” If they saw this scene, I don’t know how many women would be heartbroken. ”

Saying that, Leng Junhao took the wine that Su Ziyao had drunk, shook the dark red liquid in the cup, poured it into his mouth, drank it completely, and then gently put the high footsteps back into Su Ziyao’s white jade hand, and the action was done in one go.

This couldn’t help but make Su Ziyao’s face look ashamed, this glass of wine was what she had drunk just now! And is it really good for him to make such ambiguous movements as soon as he appears!

“Leng Shao, this is not a gentleman, right?” Nian Chenxiao’s expression began to be unnatural, one is the president of the Crown Group of the Meng Kingdom, and the other is the president of the King Group of the Z Country? Could it be that they had known each other before?

Leng Junhao raised his eyebrows and asked coldly, “Oh?” What does it have to do with you? ”

But listening to Nian Chenchao smiled disdainfully and said: “Hehe, Leng Shao, although we usually don’t interact with each other, but what kind of amorous figure Leng Shao is, I still know something.” If you want to say that Hong Yan confidant, I’m afraid that I’m not as good as Leng Shao, right? Besides, doesn’t Leng Shao still have a fiancée? ”

Nian Chenchao’s words gave Leng Junhao to the general, and Leng Junhao’s face was a little ugly, as if he froze coldly.