Gentle fur shoes for autumn and winter

What to do if you want to keep warm in autumn and winter, and what to do if you want to be beautiful!! This time, I sorted out the gentle wind and fur shoes suitable for autumn and winter, which are very hot~

Figure 1️⃣ Top left: Sheii Su Yin Yin

The other three: Lv Xiaobu Mangehua

This year’s hottest fur shoes are not white fur shoes, and the plush looks particularly warm. ☺️ There are many homes, you can choose your favorite price, here are two to list.

In addition, the black pair with fur behind is an old Internet celebrity, many families also have it, I myself used to enter a pair, especially versatile.

Figure 2️⃣ Solitary Mountain Custom women’s shoes

Half-drag hairy is still quite common, here is a list of two styles of two colors.


The pink pair really poked my girly heart. The bow is super ladylike, especially the off-white one, and it is too gentle!

Figure 4️⃣ Memories of Simei

The styles of fur shoes are not the same, and there are plush inside~ There are many color choices, beige, pink, camel ~

This time I will recommend these to everyone, because they are very hot shoes, not only in these places, you can find your favorite shoes according to the corresponding pictures and then combined with the price~ Here is just a share ❤️ for everyone

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