Microwave ovens, although they have been around for a long time, still have many mysteries for many of us. It heats food and can cause explosions.

The microwave can make a lot of food

It seems as if it can do anything

But some things must not be put in it

Light damage to the microwave oven

Severe cases cause fire or explosion

13 things that should never be placed in the microwave

1. Lunch bag

Paper bags, plastic bags, and newspapers are not allowed in the microwave. High temperatures can ignite paper bags, causing a fire in the furnace!

2. Yogurt box

Single-use plastic containers, such as boxes of yogurt, butter or cream, should not be thrown in the microwave. They are really disposable, and they can’t withstand high temperatures. Containers may deform or melt in the microwave, allowing chemicals to leach into the food.

3. Eggs

Making boiled eggs in the microwave will be troublesome. If you want to try, be prepared to clean up. Rapid heating in the microwave produces a lot of water vapor in the eggs. This water vapor has nowhere to escape but to make the eggs explode.

4. Styrofoam box

Most people know this, but in order to prevent a small number of people from clinging to heating with this, remember: Styrofoam is also plastic. Plastic is not suitable for heating in microwave ovens – unless it says it can be heated itself.

5. Fruit

Some fruits may be able to withstand high temperatures, but not all. The grapes explode and smoke. Be careful!

6. Plates with metal decorations

Metal reacts when exposed to heat and damages your microwave oven (and porcelainware).

7. Ketchup without lid

Don’t put it! will explode … Like this……

8. Plastic containers

We already know that plastic can’t be microwaved, except for those specifically labeled as microwave-ready.

9. Chili peppers

Nothing happens to chili peppers — unless they accidentally catch fire — but when you open the microwave door, the chemicals emitted by the hot peppers can irritate your eyes and burn your throat.

10. Accompanying cup

Many accompanying cups are not suitable for microwave use. If made of stainless steel, stainless steel can preserve heat and keep coffee and tea warm, or it can ruin the microwave. If it is plastic, look at the bottom of the cup to see if it is indicated that it can be microwaved.

11. Aluminum foil

Just want to make sure you remember that any metal, not even aluminum foil wrapped in leftovers, can’t go into the microwave and will catch fire!

12. Takeaway boxes with metal fittings

Many people make the mistake of putting Chinese takeaway boxes (in this case, packaging boxes for Chinese restaurants in the United States, with metal accessories) in the microwave, and then have to fight the flames. Remember: metalware÷ cutlery or containers should not be put in the microwave, never!

13. Put nothing

If you let the microwave oven idle, it may make the microwave oven explode entirely. Because nothing absorbs microwaves, magnetotubes (the parts that make microwave ovens work) end up absorbing microwaves and destroying themselves.

Source: Life Tips

Editor: Gao Qin