The canvas is prevalent due to environmental philosophy, and its plain unknown appearance is also very match with autumn atmosphere. In this way, the canvas bag is no longer just a common object of daily life, but it is the favorite of many trendy people.



The fascinating love of love, with time gradually faded in its beautiful colors.

The simple banner is matched, and you bring you to the world of the Chinese style for a second. Exotic style, swinging, is the plot of the Chinese people. And this canvas bag is the most soft place in your heart. The bag has four colors, each with a different cartoon pattern. There is a mobile phone bag, a document bag, a large bag, you can install a lot of things!


Only One

The achievement is the only real fun in life.

Two-color collision, even if it is solid color, it will not make people feel simple, and then decorate it with letters, and the wild king is it.


The style of the northern Europe, the color is deep, not free from a light floating. It can be back in the four seasons.



The most eternal happiness in the world is ordinary. The longest ownership in life is cherish.

Simple solid sailleu bag, you can pay attention to the fashion effect of the bag. Solid color can be easily interpreted, which can be eager to be full of students.

Word language

Only words, I don’t know how cloud, nourish the brightness of the dust, swaying.


Colored canvas bottoms, yellow streamers and English match, hipster fun print make ordinary canvas bags are active, back to go shopping, vacation, is a perfect and practical intimate ghost.

Lemon fruit


Lemon micro-acid, sweet youth, drunk, red dust, turmoil, and forgetting the stars.


Meng Meng’s lemon fruit, can handle the two-purpose canvas bag, solid color cotton canvas, with the cartoon pattern of the fruit, feel the young woman in the back, this may be the charm of the canvas bag 8.


Straight A student

Life is only beautiful, there is no brilliance that came out.


The grid covers the text, highlighting the sense of cognition, with colorful streets, simple hug will become more modeling, the boring white boiled water girl can change the tide of the tide of Cool Girl.

The colorful courses, the whole is very pure and elegant, it is very suitable for the student party sisters ~


The time can precipitate a human true color.

Can be lacquered canvas bag, thick cotton canvas, front pockets adopted a colorful design, giving people the first eye feeling is colorful. There is also the color of the world’s dreams, I hope you go to more beautiful places in the world.

In the bustling city, the comfortable canvas bag on the back, free accompanying, easy and comfortable every day.