The latest series of Japanese original Pigeon breast milk full-mouth bottles is based on the original full-mouth bottles, which not only improves the design, but also makes the baby more comfortable to drink milk and the mother more assured; And the cartoon pattern bottle has been added to make the baby drink milk more fun, and the beautiful pattern makes both mother and baby love it.

Pigeon Wide Diameter Breast Milk Solid Glass Bottle (160ml 240ml), researched by Japanese experts, the bottle diameter is wide, making milk more convenient and easy to clean. A pacifier that imitates the process of sucking real breast milk and uses special materials to perfectly match the shape of the baby’s mouth will not collapse and deform in the mouth, just like when drinking real breast milk, so that the baby can drink safely and smoothly! Lengthening with the movement of the baby’s tongue can promote the correct development of the baby’s jaw, facilitate the peristalsis of the baby’s tongue, and enable the baby to fully do breastfeeding exercises. Made of high-grade heat-resistant glass, ultra-high temperature resistant. The specification is 160ml.

Nichia is selling about ¥68.7 for 1371 yen, and the domestic transfer is about RMB125, and you can buy it on demand if you need a bottle.