Every time I watch someone post a vlog of their own food

It’s all incredibly simple

When you’re ready, go home and try it yourself

I was about to start, but I stopped

Because the eye understands, the hand says it won’t

I feel that cooking is actually not difficult, but the preparation work is more troublesome, and you have to have the kitchen utensils at hand to perform at your best.

But veterans know that if you want to handle a variety of ingredients handily, you should also have a handy pair of kitchen scissors.

As a southerner

Drinking chicken soup is inseparable all year round

But dismantling the chicken is really too troublesome

It is not good to chop with a knife, it is not rotten with your hands

The idea of making a big meal is defeated in the first step

Kitchen scissors can not only cut some small bones, avoid the pain of the rolling blade of the kitchen knife, but also handle the slippery ingredients such as fish, shrimp, and raw meat.

And the scissors are safe and easy to operate, and they are friendly to kitchen whites.

In fact, in cutting, cutting, planing, stir-frying a series

Seemingly hectic movements

All it takes is a good pair of kitchen scissors to make this series

It’s easy and easy to quickly improve your culinary well-being

Since using this Geego chicken bone scissors

Feel like you’re instantly a five-star chef!

As a pair of scissors, he naturally has to do a good job of cutting things. Just as the so-called good steel is used on the blade, this scissors is used

Made of 4CR13 edible grade stainless steel with high hardness, it is very sharp

。 At the same time, considering that women’s hand strength is generally relatively small,

The built-in spring of the scissors has strong spring rebound


Cutting things can be fast, easy and effortless.

Many ingredients are really, it is the most convenient to handle with scissors, and the most afraid before is to divide the chicken nuggets, chop up laboriously, sometimes repeated several times to cut off, often make the board dirty, but also inevitably splashed on the body.

And using this scissors to cut is completely free of these problems, click a few times, it is easy to divide the whole chicken, and it will not stain the kitchen, and friends with little strength can quietly complete this big project.

▼Cut chicken bones

Can replace a kitchen knife to handle whole chickens

Even the belt bone, click and cut

Super sharp, never dragging mud and water

It’s easy for me as a girl to use

The shape of the scissors has made a special design, the meat cutting area 60 degrees curved knife edge design, sharper for cutting meat and vegetables, broken bones to remove the area arc notch design, stuck bones, easy to cut off, double help in line with the public’s use habits.

Chicken feet are too brittle for scissors to jam?

How is it possible, it has curved notch bits

Designed for chicken feet

Fully applied

“Principle of leverage”

, scissor handle and scissor mouth form a “

Labor-saving levers

With a simple grip, large shear forces can be generated

In addition, the edge is curved and not easy to slide

Makes cutting easier

Innovative built-in springback design

Smoother and less labor-saving shear

You won’t feel sore hands for a long time

▼ Handling seafood, fish

Cut open the fish belly with ease, similar to paper cutting


Even very small fins

Too small and too hard, chopping constantly?

With it, it’s easy

Also specialized

High temperature quenching forging

, so that the hardness of the scissors is better, the shearing is sharper, and it has many advantages such as corrosion resistance and not easy to rust.

4MM thickened steel plate, wear-resistant and non-chipping

, quickly cut meat and break bones!

The opening and closing hook lock design makes it more convenient to open and lock

When not in use, just snap it on

Prevents rebound and storage is more secure

▼Cut vegetables

Chives, okra, beans…

Cut as much as you need directly into the pan

It is only necessary to use the strength of a piece of paper

No dirty cutting boards, no odor

It’s perfect!

Usually when cooking, I want to add some green onions, ginger, garlic and chili,

Click a few times to cut and throw it directly into the pot, saving trouble~

▼The overall match is natural

Rounded and heavy handle, with gravity feel good

The tail is curved, comfortable to hold, and not easy to fall off


, so it is more convenient to use

“If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools”

With it, the cooking time is greatly reduced

Have a pair of bone scissors at home

Cooking time saves effort and worry!

Cut the snails and disassemble the chicken

Don’t be too cool with it

“Shen” reimburses hot selling goods