Every time the season changes, many people think about changing some clothes, but every time you pay attention to your outfit, don’t forget your shoes. Don’t be too fancy and not too casual, a simple pair of shoes, comfortable on the foot is the best. Many people like to wear “hate the sky”, especially some short women, go out all rely on hating the sky, but when people reach middle age, comfortable shoes are the first important thing.

A good pair of shoes can help you match a variety of looks, eye-catching designs can instantly attract people’s attention, and wearing a comfortable pair of shoes in the summer is also an important thing for us. Because we have to use our feet to walk every day, it is naturally our responsibility to protect our feet. Try these soft-soled wedge heels this year, just as tall.

There are many types of wedge shoes, but moccasins are definitely the most comfortable one. While being comfortable, you must also look good to be worthy of our good-looking skirts, many people do not wear formal clothes in middle age, generally choose dresses, with a pair of wedge heels just right.

Wedge shallow shoes are a very fashionable one, but also very suitable for summer, shallow shoes design is very fashionable, can expose most of the foot surface, and shallow shoes are also more suitable for formal work occasions Oh, as long as you choose black.

If the color of the wedge heels does not choose the versatile color of black and white, then you must consider the same as the color of the skirt to match it alive, otherwise it will be more abrupt, and the upper foot will not look good, or you can try burgundy red These more white and versatile colors Oh.

When choosing wedge shoes, you must pay attention to the leather surface above, choose genuine leather shoes, even if not, you must choose soft fabrics, otherwise it is easy to grind your feet, and protecting our feet is the most important thing.

The best looking and fashionable wedge shoes are fishmouth shoes, but the most comfortable to wear is openwork shoes, openwork shoes can be breathable, wearing is also comfortable, stepping on the soft touch can always give us a feeling of stepping on the clouds, walking is not tired, very suitable for middle-aged women.