It’s time to replenish the wardrobe for the season, and the white shirt may be the only item in this period that doesn’t have to ask for the endorsement of celebrities, and in recent weeks it has been spontaneously brought by female celebrities.

Let’s take a look at some of the world’s most famous white shirts recently, and the International Best Group Award finally went to the American three-member sister band HAIM, the youngest of whom was Alana’s sister wearing a white button-down shirt and a black knitted vest. This oversized white shirt from The Row, a casual yet textured look that was extremely interesting on the red carpet and grabbed everyone’s attention at once.

Kendall Jenner has also fallen into a deep fascination with The Row’s minimalist style in the past six months, and has continuously updated the “The Row head to toe” series on her INS, each set is supported by a textured shirt.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s most recent shirt from WARDROBE.NYC was even described by extranet media as the “how to look nonchalant and fabulous” guide.

That’s it? Why can a simple white shirt be worn at the level of high-quality human beings, and you are wearing an ordinary office worker?

Rosie Huntington-Whitely wears a House of Dagmar shirt

What’s wrong with your shirt vs human high-quality shirt? TODAY, BAZAAR IS HERE TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT HOW TO CHOOSE A SHIRT WORTH INVESTING IN IN 2021.

Lucie, creative director of Jil Sander, said, “The idea of simplicity is that everything matters – you can’t get rid of bad fabrics, details or imperfect cuts. ”

Therefore, for the simplest shirt, fabric, cut, and design are indispensable.

Most of the slightly more expensive shirts are mainly cost on the fabric.

Although it is not advocated that everyone must buy the most expensive shirt, from the perspective of getting what you pay for, expensive shirt fabrics will generally be more elegant, so as to achieve a more visually textured effect.

Our common shirt fabrics are roughly divided into two categories: natural fibers and chemical fibers.

Emma Willis, designer of the British shirt brand, said: “A well-cut white shirt made of high-quality cotton or linen makes it look so sharp and fresh no matter what it goes with whether it’s business, casual or casual wear.” ”

Cotton, linen, wool and silk, etc., belong to common natural fibers, the advantage is soft and comfortable, the disadvantage is not easy to preserve, easy to wrinkle, oxidation. Therefore, in order to improve durability, brands generally mix a certain proportion of polyester fibers in natural materials for shirt production.

Linen shirts, which are particularly popular in recent summers, are mostly made of cotton and linen fabrics blended with linen and pure cotton to achieve a more durable effect.

Silk fabric is also a good choice, with superior drape, high-grade texture, satin shirt with strong luster, smooth and soft, more suitable for solemn and formal occasions.

In addition, the thickness of the shirt is also very important, too heavy shirts will be reduced in comfort, but thin shirts are easy to lose texture appears cheap, if not well handled, high count of Xinjiang cotton is a good choice.

When we think of high-quality cotton shirts, we usually think of Jil Sander, whose classic white shirts have always maintained the simplicity and volume of 100% cotton, and it seems that it can never go wrong.

JIL SANDER Fall/Winter 2021 Collection

In addition to the fabric, Jil Sander also has extremely unique requirements for the shape of the white shirt.

When the first season was released, JIL SANDER’s husband and wife Luke and Lucie Meier said: “I hope to resist today’s fashion surplus with elegant and delicate tailoring and exquisite fabric details.” But the delicate silhouette of the shirt remains the same, as it never goes out of style. ”

So what kind of shirt never goes out of style? This mainly depends on the shape and detail of the shirt, focusing on the neckline, length and stitching.

BEVZA2022 Spring/Summer 2022 Collection/PETER DO Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Many celebrities don’t choose clothes that can be seen at a glance, because clothes that are too fashionable are not suitable for most formal occasions.

In this case, if you want to give the impression of good taste and texture, you need to work the packaging of details.

A good shirt is remembered not by the clothes themselves, but by the person wearing the shirt. Meticulous attention to the right fabrics, clean necklines, moderate length and sleeve length, flat, even thread routing and stitch distance, are all the skills of a good shirt.

A good shirt doesn’t mean boring stereotypes, designers always have various ways to make the matching more innovative, such as some high-end small designs.

Remember the photo of Gong Li on the shore of Cannes in World War I? The kinked shirt of the magic stroke outlines the curves of Gong Huang, and the elegance and sexiness are pinched between the lines.

This year’s popular kink design perfectly replicates this stroke, adding a feminine touch to the plain white shirts.

The kink design is mostly used by designers on the waist, which has the same waist effect as the wrap design, and looks high-class and thin!

The streamer shirt that is both sassy and feminine is also an evergreen version of the wardrobe of the fashionistas.

Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2020 collection

The most common fabric partner for streamer shirts is silk, because the volume is soft and flowy, and it has an intellectual temperament. The ribbon shirt in autumn is almost synonymous with retro, literary and cultured on female stars. It is definitely the first choice for wearing a gentle and powerful aura.

Sara Danius, the former first female permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy, was seen as a central figure in winning Bob Dylan the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature during her tenure, and her simple coat and shirt with a streamer in a bow are her signature outfits. Without the label of a big name, you can look high-class, elegant and tasteful.

The “Babydoll-collar shirt” is a styling weapon that has been on fire for two summers, and the brands are happily pursuing a lapel design with no biggest but bigger lapels.

Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Spring/Summer 2021 collection

The most popular doll collar is believed to be already in hand among the fashionable crowd, and the limelight of the lapel is not decreasing, but the trend is slightly different every year. The big lapels that are popular this year are the more romantic openwork lace lapels.

IRO Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

ULLA JOHNSON Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

The exquisite lace neckline outlined by the openwork process is more light and ethereal, and it has more romantic femininity on the basis of the girly feeling of the doll collar, which is more suitable for embellishing autumn and winter clothing, which is definitely the favorite of retro literary girls.

Having said that, have you learned how to pick a good shirt?


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