1. Household water pressure booster pump The whole community water pressure small home improvement booster pump has no effect

1. Understand the scope of application

1. Some reasons for low water pressure do not necessarily use booster pumps

There are many causes of water pressure problems, such as insufficient water pressure in the water tank of the old house, etc., which can be solved by installing a booster pump. For example, aging and blockage of pipelines, too many 90-degree elbows, etc. will also cause the amount of water to decrease, but the low water pressure caused by these reasons, the improvement effect of the booster pump is very limited.

In addition, if a water purifier with a small treatment capacity is installed, the water consumption will be too large and the water flow will become smaller, and some users will take it for granted that they plan to install a booster pump, of course, it is also ineffective.

2. Select the model according to the specific situation

The booster pump has a characteristic, when the pipeline water volume cannot keep up with the pump flow or exceeds the pump flow, the booster effect will not be obvious. Therefore, the purchase of booster pumps should be determined according to the specific situation, such as pressure-bearing electric water heaters because of their special devices, they need a pump with a large flow, otherwise it is difficult to play an effect.

Second, see the trickiness of the parameters

The main parameters of the pump are power, head and flow

2. Household booster pump The water pressure is not enough and the automatic valve fails

It’s very simple, the automatic is broken, is it manual can be used? That’s how my family is, and I go straight to the merchant for a new one.

3. The water pressure at home is too low, which is the best household booster pump

There are many brands of household booster pumps that are good, you can learn about Grundfos, Wilo and Sidendi these three booster pumps. All kinds of pumps are available.

4. The water pressure at home is too low, which is the best household booster pump

The water pressure at home is very low, the floor is high, and the water pressure is really a headache. First of all, it depends on how large the head booster pump you need, and the value of the rated head shall prevail. The purchase of a 15-20 meter head booster pump for the average family is almost enough, and the 10 meter head is about equal to 1KG pressure.

The general household can consider the 15-lift booster pump, the water output is not large, but the price in the second class of cities is generally at least more than 300. A 20-meter head is more than five or six hundred.

The booster pumps mentioned above are semi-automatic booster pumps, and if they are fully automatic, they are more expensive. As for the brand, the more general is Shanghai Xishan, and the high cost performance is the south, elite, and foreign Grundfos.

5. Household booster pump

Stainless steel is good, built-in water pressure switch, automatic power on after boiling water, automatic shutdown after turning off water. This is the easiest and most practical method. The automatic booster pump is opened according to the change of pressure in the pipeline, for example, if the pipeline pressure is set to 0.1MP, the booster pump will automatically stop after the pressure in the pipeline is pressurized to 0.1MP, when water is used, the pipeline will be relieved, and when the pressure is lower than a set value, the booster pump will be turned on again.

Water leaks can occur for the following reasons:

First, the pressure problem, there is a faucet leakage, the water pressure is unloaded quickly, so the booster pump is turned on in time. You can check it carefully

Second, some booster pumps are controlled according to the water flow, the water flow is automatically pressurized, if the sensitivity of the pump is not enough, the water flow is large, it will automatically start the pressurization.