First ask a wave of young ladies to pay attention, refill ❤ ~~

Converse black high-top casual sneakers are my favorite and Converse’s most classic.

Because I like it, I often pay attention to some related aspects of dressing, the following is my collection of related outfits, I hope you like it~

Wear yours with a classic spring trench coat

Wear a classic spring trench coat on the outside, a casual hoodie and black high-waisted pants underneath, have you found that boys and girls hate to suit?

Haha, not only do not pick people, but also do not pick gender.

This way of dressing has always been popular, so it will not go out of style for a long time, and it is very recommended.

Pair it with sweet pieces

Wear it with a blue-gray tulle dress, if you want to wear it for a sweet feeling, you must wear it casually.

The upper body is matched with a beige turtleneck sweater, because if there is no inner layer in the sweater, it may be a little tied, and everyone who wears it understands, haha, so it is best to wear a dress inside.

Of course, it is okay to wear a skirt and a comfortable underwear.

Wear it with a shirt dress

This is a more picky way to dress, but it is also very trendy.

Wear black skinny high-waisted pants on the lower body, and wear a knitted sweater ➕ shirt skirt on the upper body, because of the shirt skirt, so there are still height requirements.

Of course, the wall crack suggests, dress like this, don’t let your boyfriend take pictures, don’t blame me for not reminding Oh, experience talk ~~

Wear it with a pleated floral dress

With a pleated skirt with a floral pattern, it can be said that it is perfect for spring.

Slip a hoodie over the upper body. Again the perfect casual style.

Wear a military green coat

Pair it with spring favourites, a military-green coat.

With an off-the-shoulder dress and looming shoulders, I think that a girl of mine is a little uncontrollable, haha.

There is no dress, a tight little vest underneath, and a long skirt on the lower body.

The effect of this is one word: sexy

Wear yours with high-waisted jeans

Pair it with long-legged high-waisted jeans that show off your legs, and layer it over a black skinny sweater that shows off your curves and a spring trench coat.

Is there a very familiar feeling, right, standard European and American style, common wear of European and American stars pressing the road in spring.

Wear it with a solid pleated skirt

The whole body is covered with the warm colors of spring. Beige top ➕ light pink pleated skirt to match.

It does not compete with the flowers of the big red and purple, giving people a feeling of elegance.

Wear yours with a denim jacket

Wear it with the oversized denim jacket that has been the big hit this spring. Layered over a skinny dress, it’s feminine.

Although the high-top shoes have the feeling of booties, they are also very competent.