In traditional society, Chinese women’s knowledge, beliefs, thoughts, emotions are carried by female red, and women are given to female red from a birth.


“The Book of Songs, Xiaoya, Stan,” “, a woman, the land of bed, the clothes of the clothes, the tile


The tile is the spinning wheel of the earth, indicating that they need to come to the night, hard work, and provide the whole family’s wear.

Women have to learn from tendon weaving, sewing, dressing, embroidery, etc.

In particular, civil embroidery, due to the constraints such as easy step, no site equipment, can operate anytime, anywhere, and thus have a wide range of masses, some people call folk embroidery as a gentle culture and land culture.

Embroidery skills are art, and embroidered women will be rich in the heart and the embroidery of love, and the beautiful embroidery is integrated. Cultural connotation.

Whether it is a hats, straps, pockets, books, or expressing affectionate headscars, belts, and purses, have such cultural functions, and the baby is surrounded by the world. Head cap, five poisonous belly, tiger head shoes, rich peony, the fleet of the dragon and phoenix, etc., these embroidery costumes are closely linked to everyone’s home life, and they are circulated.

The embroidered theme of the embroidery pattern comes from the emovite of auspicious in life, or takes its own shape, or take it.


If the dragon and phoenix scales evolved by Totem worship, the folk is considered to be the soul of the town; peony, chrysanthemum, lotus, orchid, four seasons of floral plants, symbolizes festive or friendly; bird , Insects, fish shrimp, characters, and auspicious pattern reflect people’s love and pursuit of good life, expressing the hope and blessings of relatives and friends. It can be said that it is a harmonious unity of people’s true feelings that can be gathered in the beauty of people’s true feelings.

Improving materials and tools used

Embroidery is a historic folk traditional art, regardless of embroidery, needle, the materials and tools they need are generally similar, mostly the bottom cloth, embroidered lines, needles, scissors, pilot, embroidered paper samples. Different base fabrics, all-in-line, needle workers, and patterns are required, and the best substrate is selected according to the types and processes of embroidery. The type of the cloth is generally three types of plant fiber cloth, animal fiber cloth, and chemical fiber cloth.

The type of embroidery has a silk line, a wool, a gold and silver line, a ribbon, a cotton embroidery line, a joint line, a machine embroidery line, and the like, which is the mainstallow of the silk embroidery, which is the most widely used. The silk embroidery is suitable for embroidery on a soft underwarter in a soft satin, silk, or a double-sided embroidery on a glass yarn.


Animals embroidered with silk wires, their unique gloss is the performance of animal fur and excellent effect. The joint line itself has a shiny, suitable for nano and fluff. The yarn has a thin line, the thick line, and the joint line. It is suitable for nano embroidery. The gold and silver wire can be divided into a gold and gold, suitable for a plate, a flat gold, and a gold embroidery. Because the texture is brittle, it is not suitable for Complex needle method.

The embroidery can not be ignored, and the good needle is easy to embroidery, it is not hurt, which can generally select the embroidery needle according to the crude embroidery process. The legend of the legendary Soviet embroidery is the system of the Song Dynasty. When choosing the embroidered needle, pay special attention to the needle and needle tip, the needle nose should be elliptical, it is not easy to cut off, the tip, the finer, the finer, the finer, better.

The scissors for embroidery also have classifications, such as the scissors of the cutting head should be hurt, so that the shear tip should be injured in the embroidered surface when the cut line is used, and the scissors used to carry the embroidery and the siblock should be sharp.

Flowers are used to exhibit flat foils, which make it easy to embroidery, more bamboo and wooden, divided into square and circular from the shape. The general pattern area is 1/2 of the area of ​​the flower area, and it is necessary to take the tight, flat, and embroidered.

Linear discharge is the use of most embroidery, two types of paper-cut sheets and lines, and the line is also hidden on the bottom.

The needle method is the soul of embroidery, and the common needles have a straight needle, a needle, a needle, a long short, a needle, a disabled needle, a cutting, and the like. In order to fully express the object, not only pay attention to the choice of composition texture, the reasonable matching of the color, the thickness of the line, but also pay attention to the flexibility of the needle.


Embroidery composition tips and multiple embroidery law

Many embroidered products are rich in decorative effects. The embellished faces are also mixed with embroidered paintings, hydrangean ginseng, multiple needles mixed, multi-composition skills matching embroidered, such as flat gold embroidery, nail line embroidery, edging, mesh embroidery , Seed embroidery, variable embroidery, etc.


Pingjin embroidery is a needle method with a gold and silver line instead of the wire on the embroidery surface. First use the gold wire or the silver line to lay on the bottom cloth, the gold wire is a paving, the silk is a nail line, line and The lines are mutually intervals until the embroidery is full of calming, and this needle method is used in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the Soviet embroidery is commonly used.


Nailing is embroidered in place with a special thin line, which is called “brown” or “strand” in the line, which is the axis, outer widespread wire, and will The lines are fixed to the bottom fabric constitutive pattern, which is used in the outline of the outline, commonly used in the nations of Guangdong embroidery and seedlings, 侗, water.

Embroidery is suitable for embroidery pattern pattern, is a similar knitted embroidery method, which includes a stamp, flambula, jam, etc. The yarn is embroidered by the yarn eye, and the splitter is embroidered in the yarn or the weft. The needle can be used in the yarn eye. And the pattern is geometric. Flushing is uniformly filled with white silk wire in the pattern contour, as a wire, and then subjected to a color wire as the weft, and the latitude is placed in the latitude. The sandworm is the first color line to put the geometric lattice on the embroidery, and then embroidered the entire lattice, suitable for the patterns such as fruit.

Net emblexing is an ancient embroidery method, forms the color line into a mesh structure, adding various embroidered patterns in the network, can join freely creative, and use it to embroidered the skirt, shoes, and head, take the lead.

The seed embroidery is to wrap the embroidered wire into a granular ring, the needle thread is relatively, and the needle is detachable, and each embroidered is formed into a seed. If more windings, the large seed can be collected, and the stamen is also used. Can be embroidered independently.


Variant embroidery is made with other tools, materials and process methods, including special embroidery laws that have changed routine embroidery, including dye, replenish embroidery, stitch embroidery, excavation, superimposed embroidery, patchwork.

Beautiful embroidery works are not only closely related to people, but the traditional embroidery art also penetrates into national culture, which greatly promotes the development of culture and has become the crystallization of the wisdom of labor.