What can bring you a good mood on a hot summer day? Fresh and cool outfit must be an irresistible one. The cool and comfortable tank top skirt is the best choice for summer escape, but different styles have the same neat and little sexy. The boys who could not wear vests to go out on the street cast admiring and envious eyes.

Title: Vino Poem Vacation seaside broken flowers bohemian long dress vest beach long dress big brand silk dress

01 The bohemian silk dress has a bohemian elegance, needless to say, what is more preferred is its actual wear index. Whether it’s as a daily outfit for work, shopping, or as a travel outfit, it will make you stand out from the crowd.

Title: CICISHOP2014 New Summer Dress Round Neck Sleeveless Skeleton Broken Flower Printed Denim Vest Dress Woman 3285

02 Summer is the season to show skin, in addition to the sexy split design, there are many rich ways to show the skin, such as openwork shoulders, one-neck shoulders, V-neck back, and openwork waist cutout. The prints in blue tones are fresh and elegant, exuding girlish vitality and playfulness

Title: Xingwei 2014 summer new stripe print dress women’s temperament European and American slim rainbow vest skirt summer

03 The colorful stripes like a rainbow have a strong visual impact, which brings out confidence, and the simple but three-dimensional silhouette is more and more striking. The high-waisted three-dimensional skirt has a decorating effect on the waist and abdomen, and the leg line is also evenly proportioned and slender.

Title: Presale Evely 2014 Summer New Korean Edition Women’s Printed Sleeveless Vest Chiffon Dress 6430449991

04 Yellow and blue contrasting colors, using the collision of colors to enhance the level and presence of one-piece skirts. The cut is in line with the minimalist style of the avenue to simplicity, and there is no optional decorative cut. The three-dimensional skirt silhouette is full of sense, adding to the momentum of the big brand.

Title: Ocean blue 2014 summer new striped A-line skirt lapel catwalk star sleeveless vest skirt print dress

05 Stripes are classic and stand out in black and white and blue and white. The blue and white stripes are the best representative of the spirit of the sea soul, symbolizing vitality and abundant energy. The black and white stripes belong to the mature and elegant faction, and are good at showing the strength and independence of light mature women.

Title: 2014 new summer dress stretch slim skirt strap skirt women’s vest skirt miniskirt sexy European and American

06 The worn-out color and sweet and delicate printed skirt exudes a strong Japanese fashion girly atmosphere, which can be mixed with high heels to create a mature feminine look, or layered with a leather jacket to create a spicy witch style. The pleated skirt is three-dimensional and fluffy, which sets off the waist


Title: Odera Summer 2014 New Sweet Princess Dress Sleeveless Vest Skirt Dress Puffy Skirt Dress Q4377

07 Rich and fragrant prints spliced with simple and mysterious solid colors, simple and complex balance each other to achieve each other’s best state. The upper body is slim and the lower body is fluffy, using the three-dimensional sense of the puffy skirt to create a sweet and sexy female body curve.

Title: Belloan 2014 summer new style temperament elegant slim big swing sleeveless dress woman vest skirt summer

08 Showing the slimmest part of the calf is the scheming point of the mid-length skirt, which makes the slim impression deeply rooted in people’s hearts. The bright and light rose red color is suitable for summer, like summer flowers, and release femininity. Simple tailoring makes color the focus, avoiding noise and contention

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