Black stockings with light fabrics are easy to look thin and feminine in winter wear, but many girls are easy to wear tacky, kitschy and cheap.

How do stockings create a sense of luxury? Below Mo Yu teaches everyone the principle of “three wants, three don’ts”, and easily makes your stockings fashionable and foreign.

1. The principle of “three wants, three nots”

❶ The color should be simple and pure, not too obtrusive (black, dark color is the mainstay).

Choose too fancy stockings in the matching color and pattern, will divert people’s attention, like this black large polka dot stockings, this year is very popular polka dot stockings, but the polka dot element is too large but looks rustic, if you do not choose a solid color stockings is the best.

❷ The color matching of stockings and clothes should be consistent, and the contrast should not be too big.

In the left side of the matching, the color contrast between the two pieces is great, and the white shirt with a crisp and capable style is obviously not compatible with the bold and sexy black fishnet socks, which looks nondescript and very cheap. In the matching on the right, the black stockings are cleverly used with the color of the dark checked coat to form a sense of echo, this British college style matching, high-class and atmospheric.

❸ The degree of skin exposure of the single product should be decent, and the degree of skin exposure should not be too large.

Stockings are decently matched, like the left side of the match only wear a top to create the lower body disappear, for many people are not practical, and look rustic, if you want to appear high, you can choose a mid-length jacket with a short skirt, this effect is much better.

Second, it is recommended to match

• Coat + short skirt + black silk

Many women want to show their body advantages by matching, so you may want to choose a feminine and sexy black silk and coat. The wide A-line fit and shoulder pads provide a sense of formality without looking too casual, and the underneath is an ultra-short black dress that outlines the curves of the figure, and the combination of black silk and booties underlines the advantages of long legs.

• Leather jacket + short skirt + black silk

Many royal sisters with mysterious personalities and personalities like to wear high and cold black matching, and can really choose black tweed coats with black silk, using cool and sassy leather jackets with miniskirts and black silk, which are not so rigid, and highlight the advantages of tall figures.

• Jeans + dress + black silk

In winter clothing, we will find that most fashionistas like to use three overlapping to highlight the layering, which is very fashionable. The following look, the black V-neck dress underneath, uses lace elements at the neckline to highlight the sense of detail, sexy and feminine.

• Knitwear + straight skirt + black silk

If you are a mature and stable woman, you can choose this knitted fabric top and straight skirt, using a high-waist design to highlight the waist line and achieve a neat effect, and with black pointed heels, elegant and delicate.

• Suit + polka-dot black silk + leather shoes

The seemingly formal black suit jacket can actually be matched with a cool and handsome and personality style, using the missing style of the bottom, the wide suit jacket and tight black stockings are combined, and the black polka-dot element stockings subtly weaken the dullness of the black matching, and at the same time outline a pair of slender straight chopstick legs particularly obvious.

In the elegant and literary style of the college-style dressing, you can use the camel tweed coat jacket with a red and black checked short skirt like the following set of shapes, showing the proportion of the body, and the vitality of youth, the black stockings with the lower body, not kitsch at all, but wearing a refreshing and capable sense. On the feet are a pair of small black leather shoes, showing a delicate atmosphere.

In fact, if you want to wear black stockings with a sense of premium, it is very simple, master the principles and matching methods introduced above for everyone, have you learned?

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• Coat + short skirt + black silk