It’s the fifth day of the new year, is it moldy at home?

Even if the house is big, it should be wandering all over the past few days, think about it or the countryside, at least there is a big valley to wander around~

Let’s take stock of a wave of Chinese New Year trinkets for everyone, this time the theme is –


NO.1 Hetian jade gold-encrusted little cute mouse

Full gold 999 inlaid Hetian jade pendant 2020 “rat” you have money, meaning: attract wealth into treasure, business is prosperous, if you have money, “rat” is not finished!

NO.2 Gold set Hetian jade earrings

Foot gold 999 inlaid Hetian jade earrings, meaning: symbolizes auspicious happiness~

NO.3 Gold set Hetian jade small apple

The little Wada jade apple, round and cute, means peace and joy~

NO.4 Gold set Hetian jade bamboo festival pendant

Foot gold Hetian jade and bamboo festival pendant, meaning: flowers bloom rich bamboo to report peace ~ symbolizes happiness and beauty, rising every day, career prosperity ~

NO.5 Flowers bloom and are rich

999 full gold 3D hard gold flower ring, prosperous luxury, blooming loving~

NO.6 Full gold stretch bracelet

Foot gold stretch bracelet, classic ball ball, openwork beads.

NO.7 Full gold fan pendant

Full gold love, boutique craftsmanship, perfect match 18k flash 0 adjustable chain, fashionable and generous~

NO.8 Happiness Cube

Full gold happiness cube, with 18k flash 0 chain, small and exquisite, falling generous~

NO.9 Heart-shaped necklace

18k collarbone chain + 3D hard gold (full gold), exquisite surface treatment, sparkling ~

NO.10 Butterfly ring

Thousand foot gold bow ring, gold set with pink crystal, delicate and cute, playful between the fingers ~

HD Message:

This wave, DD’s favorite is the Q cute little mouse and the full gold elastic bracelet, but the elastic bracelet will be deformed soon after wearing, or choose the little mouse O(∩_∩)O~

How about you, which one is your favorite?