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Recently, schools in various places have opened one after another, and the student party can finally get out of online classes and return to the classroom~

There must be new stationery in the new semester, otherwise how can you be worthy of a new self and a new flag?

Today I will share with you a treasure shop of the student party!

The types of treasures in the store range from stationery to daily necessities, and the prices are very friendly to the student party, so you won’t go bankrupt when you close your eyes.

Forget about parity, the key appearance is super high, sniping my girlish heart! What kind of fairy treasure is this!

Now I will plant those fairy items for everyone.

Jimei will take the small book and write it down~

Funny plush pen bag ¥15.9

At first sight, this pen bag feels ugly and cute, strange and childlike.

One is a big chicken leg, the other is a banana jun, no one else can think that this is actually a pen bag!

The furry geology, it feels very good in the hand, so thick, no longer afraid that the signature pen will pierce the pen bag and leak ink into the bag.

Wooden small easel phone holder ¥1.5~5.9

During this time, online classes every day fully proved the importance of mobile phone holder / iPad bracket, the bracket is really a weapon to free your hands, and the mobile phone can be placed on the bracket to take notes with peace of mind.

This bracket is made into the shape of a painter, don’t worry about unstable, small bracket to put mobile phone large bracket to put iPad, study, watch classes, chase drama properly~

INS Listing Memorandum ¥3.9

Goldfish memory classmates must have a few memos! Like myself, I forgot all day and tried so many times that I almost forgot to hand in my homework!

This list note book is very practical, with lines and markings, no need to draw it yourself, and tick every completed thing, which is very fulfilling.

It’s very convenient to put a small book in your bag, and it’s also perfect for making a vocabulary book!

Desktop storage mirror ¥15.9~22.9

A make-up mirror that is a must-have for dormitory students, with a small drawer underneath, which can be used to put rubber bands, hairpins and lipstick, so you don’t have to find it out every time you wear makeup.

Desktop height storage shelf ¥10.9~16.9

Do you always feel that the position of the desktop is always insufficient, and just put something and it is piled up? In fact, you didn’t make good use of the upper space!

This shelf is used by many bloggers on ins, and can be used to place cosmetics, pen holders, alarm clocks and other placement things, combined with storage boxes, the effect is better, and farewell to the messy desktop~

Cartoon plush tape measure ¥3.5

As a student party, I tell you that putting a tape measure in the dormitory is really super practical!

Don’t look at it inconspicuously, when you buy clothes online and don’t know if the length of the clothes is appropriate, take a tape measure out and compare it!

When you want to buy mosquito nets, mattresses, and don’t know the size, take a tape measure out and measure it!

In irregular places such as heels, head circumference, and waist circumference, the tape measure can show off your skills!

In a word, the tape measure is a must-have at home, buy it!

PVC waterproof cosmetic bag ¥9.9

The little fairies have a happy time to go out with their sisters, how can you go out without makeup, but when you return to the hotel after the wave, you find that you didn’t bring makeup remover, facial cleanser, skin care products, not to mention how uncomfortable.

When girls go out to play, they really need a makeup bag that looks good and can be loaded.

This cosmetic bag is made of PVC, waterproof, and you are not afraid to bring it into the bathroom. Soft and fitted, lipstick, air cushions, loose powder can be placed, very suitable for cross-Chinese New Year’s Eve, weekend travel and other short-term play.

Cartoon mug ¥9.9~11.9

After the valley rain, it is the beginning of summer, which also means that the temperature is gradually rising, and you must add more water in the hot summer to better devote yourself to learning~

There are many glasses and mugs in the store, and they are all right in the girl’s heart, which is super cute! And the price is not high, it is suitable for making cereal in the morning.

This cartoon glass is very suitable for a little sister or boyfriend, and drinking water should be sweet.

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