Car stickers are stickers that are attached to cars, motorcycles and other vehicles

It beautifies the car and expresses its personality

In 1887, car stickers made their debut in the world’s first race in Paris

Race car numbers must be affixed to their cars for easy identification

This is the earliest form of car sticker

Later, with the rise and popularization of the automobile industry in Europe, the United States and Japan

Car stickers became popular for driving

In recent years, China’s economy has developed rapidly, and people’s living standards have been greatly improved

The car buying population is gradually younger and family personalization

Car stickers have also become popular in China

Around 2011, the number of car owners sticking cars in China accounted for only 3% of the total number of cars

In 2012~2015, this proportion increased rapidly

Many car owners put all kinds of interesting stickers on their cars

From the beginning, just to be good looking and handsome

Later, various creative car stickers and text stickers became mainstream

These car stickers range from ridiculous reality to internet buzzwords

All-encompassing, all-encompassing

Car stickers seem to be going further and further down the road of personalization

However, a group of mysterious organizations is quietly emerging

Around 2015, careful observation netizens found out

Some car owners will put bat and gecko motifs

In 2016, a considerable number of car owners also liked to put fists or Transformers logo stickers

Ask why, maybe many car owners can’t answer, especially gecko stickers

Xiaobian Baidu has not found it for a long time

And this, these became the prototype of this group of mysterious organizations

In 2017, the number of users of connotation duanzi gradually increased

Many car owners who like connotation have put on the “connotation duanzi” sticker

They also affectionately call each other “Duan You”

There are also exclusive codes between each other – drop, drop drop ~

However, this code word was still relatively niche at the time

What more people know is that Duan You went to war and did not give birth to a single grass

At the beginning of 2018, the mysterious organization made a qualitative leap

With TikTok erupting in a blowout style

The number of daily users increased from 20 million to 50 million

TikTok users skyrocketed

So that the “drop, drop drop~” exclusive code of Duan friends has been widely broadcast

And people’s love for Douyin gave birth to a new mysterious organization – Douyin

Many new and old car owners have put up the “Douyin” sticker

Affectionately called each other “Shake Friends”

In line with the concept of connotating Duanzi and Douyin as one family

The code word for Douyin is also “drop, drop drop~”

According to the current crazy growth trend of TikTok

TikTok, the “prince”, will soon “ascend the throne”

Replace the “hegemonic position” of the connotation Duanzi

In 2019, the mysterious organization will be again… (Looking forward to it)

Of course, in addition to mysterious organizations, there is also a group of “regular troops”

That is the owner of the car who posted the “internship sticker”

Car owners who are in the internship period will be fined if they do not post this sticker

Therefore, I can only honestly follow the command