Denim can really be called the versatile “universal card” in everyone’s wardrobe, no matter how changeable and difficult the popular trend is, as long as you “play” good denim items, not only can you not go wrong, but also very outstanding. The cowboy is busy, and this fall has to hold on to it.

But there are thousands of denim items, so which one to buy? Don’t be afraid, specialize in choosing difficult diseases.

The history of jeans can be traced back to hundreds of years ago, from the 50s of the 20th century to the present, never forgotten by the fashion industry because of the change of season. Thousands of consumers can’t give up their attachment to her in “spring, summer, autumn and winter”.

As Yves Saint Laurent says, “I always want to have denim in my collection, cowboy is the most spectacular, practical and lightweight.” The denim qualities I want the most – modesty, sexiness and simplicity – are also expressed in denim. ”

The practicality and lightness of jeans expresses the qualities he wants most – modesty, sexiness and simplicity.

Every fashion blogger has N pairs of jeans in their wardrobe, and the upper body is matched with sweaters from crop top to autumn and winter, which is enough to prove its versatility!

During this time, many people encountered a large power on the street. While others were busy being attracted to her beauty, I noticed her jeans, whose rolled up legs looked layered and visually longer.

So how do you choose the right jeans for you?

From the perspective of leg shape, O-shaped legs must avoid tight jeans, you can choose high-waisted straight-leg jeans that can modify the leg shape, tapered jeans, etc., to make the legs look straighter.

X/XO legs can focus on defining the curvature of the leg, such as flared pants with the calf outward design, but be careful to avoid tight models that highlight the leg line.

The standard leg shape can handle a variety of styles of jeans, and skinny jeans can highlight your thin, straight chopstick legs.

But if the thighs or calves are thick, don’t choose a tight one, it will only make your legs look thicker! Try loose wide-leg pants that cover your flesh and easily enhance your visual stretch!

The little girl quickly go to Get the “mop pants” that have been very popular recently, and then match a pair of small high heels, and the temperament is directly full!

Wearing a pair of jeans alone may not be able to highlight your exclusive love of denim elements, then denim suit to understand~

Although it is just autumn, you can wear a denim suit. Pair the bandeau with narrow-leg trousers to show off your proportions.

You can also choose a one-piece denim suit, the suspender style is more swanneck, and lazy people can easily get.

The half-sleeved one-piece style is paired with a basic color underwear, slightly open, stylish and high-class.

The blue basic denim set is the most classic combination and you can’t go wrong.

If you want a stronger sense of “age”, you can also try to make the gray of the old model, fasten the button semi-open, inadvertently expose the waistline, and show the long legs.

A mix of dark and light denim will add layers to the visual and create a gradient effect.

The solid color denim set with ruffled elements, full score of age-reducing effect, seconds to become a sweet girl.

You can also try an irregularly tailored suit, which has a super strong sense of design and can be very eye-catching, even if it is layered with a solid color T-shirt.

Spice girls who feel that large-scale denim elements do not conform to their usual style may wish to try a small range of denim items, which may only need one “it” to make your whole body look casual~

The denim material caps are also very Fancy, with the vest, the American retro feeling is about to overflow the screen, instantly reducing age, and even the wind of breathing seems to return to the feeling of campus.

Sports girls look over! The caps are worn upside down, with long wavy curls, and the sweetness is doubled in the sun~

Like this All look is made of denim material, simple and detailed design, may want to type the four words “I love cowboy” on the public screen!

Wear a coat in autumn and winter, clean and simple without losing the sense of fashion, and the material of denim also adds a casual retro feeling!

Grab your boyfriend and “cowboy” out on the street! Earn enough return rate all over the street together~

Compared to the cap, the aura of the fisherman’s hat will be sweeter, and it is also a boon for the round-faced sisters! Full marks for the ability to block faces!

Paired with a slip dress of the same material, the girl’s sense of vision is directly full, young and artistic!

And denim bags are also enduring, is a rare value preservation in the second-hand store, easy to take care of will not be outdated, even a slight wear does not affect the beauty, but more retro feeling.

With a colorful look, it will not look “cluttered”, but it will be more playful.

It can also be worn with loose-fitting casual wear such as sweatshirts, which is both casual and high-class.

There is also this vintage old flower logo backpack, which has become a must-have for countless bloggers to go out, in addition to being difficult to buy, I can’t think of other shortcomings~

In addition to the classic denim color scheme, the wind of Emotional World denim bags has been blowing for a while, denim panels and distressed style make people fall in love at a glance, I would like to call it the dark horse in this year’s crowd bag!

So many denim pieces to choose from, are you picky?

In fact, it is most important to find your own style and choose the items that suit you. Autumn is coming soon, don’t hurry up to collect it and join the “cowboy” family!


Written by Sika, Rita