Star models take fantastic and luxurious wedding photos, I believe everyone should have seen a lot.

But don’t go the usual way, put

The wedding photo style is terrifying, netherworldly

… I don’t know if you’ve seen it?

Recently, a sister filmed such a group –

Bloody eyes, frightened faces, pale faces, empty eyes…

With that green eyeshadow and death filter…

What do you think

After reading it, do you suddenly feel a little cold behind you?

More than wedding photos,

The same goes for photos of her wedding scene


The retro courtly white puff sleeve wedding dress, with the temperament of that supernatural girl, is both quirky and romantic…

That is to say, the atmosphere of horror movies has been pinched by her!

To be honest, if I saw the wedding photos of other female celebrities taken like this, Yan Chan, I might be shocked,

But after seeing that it was this sister, my reaction was: Oh, that’s okay~

After all

This sister usually looks like a “live-action ghost doll”

, her photo is generally like this ↓

Such ↓

Also, such… ↓

With that share

An innate quirky temperament


It is always beautiful enough to make you love and fear

Even if you are timid at a glance, you will feel a little seeping, but you are reluctant to look away~

So who is this “live-action ghost doll”?

Her name is –

Allison Harvard


A model and a full-fledged first-generation Internet celebrity

Although it has not been popular in the mainstream fashion circle, it has gradually faded out of the public’s vision,

But the kind in her

Unique “supernatural girl” temperament

, so that she has been sitting on super popularity earlier.

?? Still full of question marks, isn’t it?

Say Allison Harvard, who?

Don’t worry~ Today Yan Chan, I will bring all the fairies together and get to know her well——

“Real Barbie” counts a basket

But a “live-action ghost doll” that can steal your heart and kill you

Only her!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know Allison Harvard, but I’m sure you’ve all heard of a reality show that has exploded around the world –

America’s Next Top Model


Allison was in this supermodel tryout

He was runner-up three times

And most people in China know her, and they all started from this show ↓

In fact, Allison could win such a high ranking, and many people felt quite surprised at the time.

After all, she first appeared in front of the camera, and she looked like this ↓

He has big eyes that are different from ordinary people

, described by everyone as a freak;

Speaking is not confident, the whole person is always cowering,

From time to time, a few words of God will pop out of his mouth, saying what about himself

Super obsessed with blood, think nosebleeds are super good-looking, blabla’s…

The look of being about to eat a child in the next second directly scared the judge Tyra enough.

As a model, hers

Stephen is even more… Walked… Can’t bear to look straight …

Others walk on the stage: perform a heavenly immortal on the spot

She walked the stage: performing a brazier on the spot

Even the contestants who participated in the show with her felt that they couldn’t stand it on the side: “How can someone not even walk well on the stage, she only knows how to stomp hard in that one…”

But that’s it

An “ugly duckling” who can’t walk well

She is not only

In the end, it transformed into a “white swan” and became the runner-up all the way

was also voted by fans as the most favorite model in “America’s Next Top Model” and became

One of the most popular contestants in the show’s history

He signed a modeling agency at the age of 20, and then frequently appeared in major fashion magazines,

Endorsement of big names,

He also made guest appearances in various American dramas and movies…

Seeing this, do you want to ask, such a girl with a strange temperament, why does everyone love her so much and hold her?

In America’s Next Top Model, judge Tyra described Allison in this sentence:

“She taught the world that models are not just beautiful, but express themselves.”

A lot of people like Allison, on the one hand

I was fascinated by her elf-like looks

White to glowing skin, round and small facial features, dazzling blonde hair,

The whole person is like a fairy who has fallen into the mortal world,

Don’t eat human fireworks, and smoke fairy air~

Especially her huge ice blue eyes,

It feels like there’s a mysterious story hidden inside

At a glance, there is a feeling of being stared at by a straight hook, which is too easy to indulge in ~

Yan Chan’s feeling that she is so suitable to play a vampire, both men and women, it is estimated that they are willing to be sucked by her…

But looks are not her most fan, what really makes Allison stand out from the crowd of beautiful women,

It is precisely her own alternative ghost doll style

You know,

Being beautiful in the fashion industry is never the most important thing, “unique” is ~

And Allison has the ability to remember and impress at a glance!

Everyone has seen it

“Zombie Bride”

Is it? Yan Chan, she thinks she is very similar!

Dark and decadent temperament,

And with a hint of fragile, fragile taste,

It is very a weird beauty of a horror doll, is there ~

And this strange beauty also gives Allison a bit more of super plasticity and unique artistic atmosphere that others cannot match.


Fashion blockbusters will always show people with a variety of avant-garde and personalized makeup and shapes, challenging everyone’s attention

Or incarnate the holy white queen, looking at all living beings, feeling that a wave of her hand can make everyone fall under the hem of her skirt;

Or incarnate as a sexy and enchanting Scarlet Witch, which erodes the bone at a glance;

Or incarnate as a lonely, black-bellied “sick girl”,

Endure in the dark, groping step by step;

Or incarnate as a cold, unruly chaotic demon queen,

From hell, laughing wildly at the ugly appearance of all beings…

Just ask you, is every photo beautiful like a work of art?

There are no restrictions on various shapes and styles, and the soul is even free~

In fact, it’s hard to define Allison by any one identity.

She broke through not only mainstream aesthetics, but also more heavy self-

this year

33-year-old Allison is a model, actor, presenter, and besides that, a painter~

Allison’s artistic talent for painting is also high,

It is said that the first time she sold her paintings, she sold them for a high price of 200,000 US dollars~

Her paintings feel the same as she does,

Strange and whimsical

Occasionally with a little dark taste~

You can feel that she has a middle two world of her own, and in that world, she has her own imagination about art and the future~

In Yan Chan’s heart, Allison is simply an undefinable genius and “weirdo”~

It’s hard to define her style and label her personally.

And in fact, she doesn’t need these at all~

Because she is who she is,

She is not bound by any tradition and the eyes of others,

Stick to her “little universe”,

Be brave and live free~

Perhaps after reading this article, some people will feel that they can’t appreciate the grotesque beauty of Allison, and the eccentric style of going his own way;

But it is possible

Some people are fascinated by her precisely because they marvel at her strange beauty

Like it, don’t like it~ In Yan Chan’s view, the most terrible thing is never “different”,

It’s the same, it’s the same, isn’t it?

So whether you are unique, whether your style will be appreciated and accepted by outsiders,

Yan Chan, I hope you can insist on showing your unique beauty~

Maybe what others like is your “weird”?