Jia Jingwen is a very happy mother in the entertainment industry, married to Xiu Jiekai for the second time and gave birth to two beautiful and cute daughters, Jia Jingwen does not shy away from letting her daughter appear in front of the public, and will often share the life status and dynamics of her daughters, Bo Niu and her sister Bubu have also gained a lot of fans, the two little guys are too beautiful and cute, especially the big eyes with a bright god are particularly photogenic. I have to say that Jia Jingwen is very good at dressing up her daughter, and the dress and matching of the two daughters also have great highlights!

Of course, Jia Jingwen is also a very good at dressing up hot mother, daughters’ private clothes matching will definitely not be bad, you must know that middle-aged women in addition to dressing tender, can also live fashionable and beautiful, the classic black slanted shoulder shirt skirt sexy do not want, both have the strong aura of capable women, but also do not lose the sexy charm of women, the splicing of lace skirts is even sexy, even if you sit there, you feel so beautiful and fashionable. Of course, the shade straw hat is an indispensable fashion item for selfies, and it is very good-looking.

Of course, Jia Jingwen is also a very good hot mother who can play with children, although the two daughters are very young, their appearance is quite tall, the crystal shoes on their feet are relatively cute diamond-encrusted princess shoes, and the mother and daughter play cosplay games are also quite cute and cute, and the cute shape is 100%.

On March 15, Jia Jingwen posted photos to celebrate her 4th birthday for her little daughter Ponyo, rarely sunning three babies, Bubu as a little birthday, wearing a cute plaid princess dress, the hem of the small cake skirt, cute style and classic colors, simply very good-looking, sure enough, the little girls like small skirts very much. Bubu stood beside her sister, and the cute little tiger tooth that smiled was too eye-catching.

Seeing Ponyo wearing a small skirt, it is a small skirt that every girl likes very much, every girl has a princess dream tooth in her heart, and only when she was a child, she deliberately wore a variety of small skirts, and when she grew up, she would have limitations. The cute cake skirt and the retro court sleeves are all very sweet and cute elements, and the more you look at it, the more you like it.

Ponyo also wears a cute crystal necklace around her neck, like the crystal necklace we wore when we were children, so reminiscent. Delicate coiled hair, and very neat bangs, the fleshy face is too cute.

Sister Bubu wore a black dress this time, the color is classic and not too eye-catching, so as not to steal the limelight from the birthday star. With a simple ponytail, very cute, I have to say that Jia Jingwen is dressed on her daughter, inadvertently has a very good-looking fashion style, a skirt is completely deliberate to solve the matching problem, but also very beautiful,

This time posted a group photo of a family of four to celebrate her youngest daughter’s birthday, Jia Jingwen’s denim style this time has a good age-reducing effect, full of personality, although humane middle-aged, there is nothing to say about appearance. However, this time the eldest daughter was not brought into the camera in the family portrait.

It can be said that the older Jia Jingwen gets, the more she can wear it, and the seemingly rich dressing is still very stylish. A dark snakeskin one-piece suit harnesses the appearance of a rich lady, the aura and momentum are very praised, the use of snakeskin patterns to enhance the sense of luster, at first glance a little creepy, the effect is quite good, expensive and fashionable, what do you think?

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