The black leggings themselves are thin enough, and the stretch of these pants is good, which enhances the slimming effect. The cut that fits the leg shape also makes the leg shape appear smooth and beautiful, and the fall is generous. Paired with a simple pair of small white shoes, it is stylish and casual.

The whole pants are made of nylon, nylon is considered a high-grade professional sports fabric, a high-grade pants must be of good material, not too loose nor too thin, good elasticity, strong resilience, can tighten muscles, (fat will also tighten) appear that the legs are more wired terms are basic, the most versatile black, the waist is particularly outstanding.

These black leggings can be worn alone or underneath, and the pants are elastic, slightly shape-shaping and suitable for small legging. Paired with a pair of white high heels to increase the height, the whole person immediately looks ten pounds less.

The PU leather pants you are looking forward to are finally here, the personality is not easy to collide, the consistent black to the end, must come to something iconic, up and down arrow symbols can never be forgotten, nightclubs, bars at will, can not block the sense of existence.

Thin stretch leather pants, the cuffs do a split design in the middle, the common leather pants are different, is the split makes TA more fashionable and unique, such a shape is as versatile and easy to wear. Showing the ankles is an important pant shape point to show the thinness of the legs, and it can also have a small sexy feel.

It is very sad that they are all “turned away”. But don’t worry, thick-legged girls, your spring is here, and the gray T-shirt and denim jacket are simple and casual, paired with a pair of skinny black leather pants and long legs.

Who says gym pants can only be worn while working out? Now many trendy people regard fitness pants as a must-have for street matching, cool gradient design, the picture is so beautiful, really drunk ~ drunk ~ drunk! There are 4 reflective polka dots on the side of the thighs, and there are zipper pockets at the back of the trousers, which is a practical human design.

Very low-key beauty, no very exaggerated prints, interstellar patterns are very special, the chance of hitting pants is very small, refuse monotonous colors, sports will be dazzling, beautiful clothes will definitely bring more power to fitness sports. The matching underwear is also super beautiful.

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