#What to wear today#

Shirts are a very common fashion item for boys, but many boys do not wear shirts out of it

The sense of fashion it should be

And handsome style, they match shirts with very confusing existence.

It is recommended that you take a look at the correct dressing example Liu Haoran, Liu Haoran wears a shirt

It’s quite low-key to watch

, but the sense of youth really can’t be stopped, refreshing and well-behaved, Liu Haoran’s “well-behaved appearance” outside the play is so eye-catching, wearing a blue shirt boyish sense is too strong, refreshing and handsome.

Today’s issue will recommend how to match men’s shirts, boys don’t feel that dressing exquisite is a very pretentious thing, with a refreshing and handsome image off the list

No more talk

Nothing more.

Men’s shirt matching sharing

☆★ Blue and white checked shirt

When it comes to shirts with boys’ checks, many people have their first impression

It’s rustic and tacky

, Remember these points to wear so that you can easily avoid stepping on the lightning point, do not choose dark colors to match, do not choose contrast colors to match.

If these combinations are not properly matched,

It’s all catastrophic

, in daily life, in fact, you can see that many boys wear burgundy with black check, dark blue with black check, this dark color contrast will give people a feel

Image of a sloppy otaku

So if you want to improve this problem directly and quickly, you must first choose

Light-colored clothing

To match, you can choose cool blue to match with white checked shirts, which can instantly give people a refreshing visual experience.

The original blue and white check was based on elements from navy clothing, so everyone would feel refreshed when they saw the blue and white check

It also thinks of the sea

On the matching, everyone uses white as the main color of the shirt, and the blue check element is printed diagonally on the shirt to create a kind

Irregular messiness

, this irregular diagonal check design combined with blue tones will give people a refreshing visual feeling of fish scales.

The blue and white check is not spread on a large area on the shirt, but only the shirt

Two-thirds of the portion

Gone to the check elements, the rest of the place is white as the main color, this check design is very creative. The elements of the diagonal check also give a style of a deep-sea big fish, there is one

Personality and handsome


Wear a white short T, and the lower body is matched with white pants, and the overall outfit is just that

Available in two color palettes

, one is blue and one is white, white as the main color of the clothing blue as the color, the overall color of the clothing is very vivid, will also be presented

A sense of superiority and layering

Because the main color white accounts for two-thirds of the overall matching, in order to avoid the stereotype brought by white, in terms of jewelry, you can choose silver jewelry to match, because silver and white color

The contrast is not very stark

, adding silver white, in the delicate and understated revealing a restrained style.

The silver jewelry is matched with a paper clip style, and the avant-garde geometric design also adds a bit of boys’ touches to the outfit

Tough and cool style

If you want to be more handsome and refined, you can choose

Small check design

Compared with the style of the large check, the small check has a more age-reducing and youthful style.

If it’s a young guy, you can wear it with white pants, if it is

Prefer mature style

of men, everyone should choose black pants for the matching of the lower body, and the color matching of light and dark can better show the toughness and maturity of boys.

I want to visually widen the boys

The sense of line in the upper body

, everyone should choose a pattern with a large horizontal check to modify the line of the boy’s shoulders. Properly deepen the check color so that the overall shirt design will be more stable and stable. You can also match large and small checks to further retouch

The curves of a boy’s figure

☆★ Sky blue solid color shirt

If guys don’t like bells and whistles, you can

Choose a shirt in a solid color

The clean cut goes straight to highlight the style and temperament. Solid shirts are suitable for everyday wear as well as commuting to work.

Everyone can

Choose a sky blue shirt

, highlighting the male elegance and gentle temperament, the inadvertent neckline design, but also to the overall image to bring some casual and natural style.

If it is a commute to work, you can choose suit pants to match,

Increase the sense of formality

。 If it is a daily shopping, you can choose black jeans with chain clauses to increase personality and casualness.

☆ ★ Broken flower shirt

When you think of a floral shirt, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s not

Girls’ style

, in fact, the elements of broken flowers can also be matched by boys, boys match, unexpected retro and romantic, with British style.

If you want to wear vintage, choose brown as the main color with broken flowers, if you want

Casual and casual outfit

, everyone choose a sky blue broken flower shirt, the pattern of broken flowers must not choose exaggerated and very existential flowers, this broken flower pattern

Once it doesn’t match well

, will not only be greasy but also weaken the tough temperament in men.

The lower body with black suit pants such a combination is more calm and mature, for the upper body of the fancy shirt, can effectively carry out a certain suppression, to avoid appearing

“Girly” visuals

☆★ White shirt + black pants

White shirt with black pants, yes

Very formal classic

This suit is a complete display of the boy’s charm and maturity, and if you are attending a very formal meeting, this set must be infallible.

But everyone wears white shirts + black pants every day

It’s just too formal

, does not give a sense of affinity. So when choosing a shirt, you can choose the fabric of chiffon.

Not only will it be refreshing, but it will also have a comfortable and natural style. private parts

Pair it with a pair of travel shoes

, the overall formal and serious style was broken, incorporating more casual sports style.

☆★ Black English print shirt

Want to dress well

More personality and funky

, black English printed shirts must be the style that can highlight your fashion taste.

Everyone in the choice of printing, can

According to your preferences

Matching, because black is the main color of the shirt, as long as you don’t choose too bright and flamboyant colors to match, you can show the handsomeness and tough temperament of men. The lower body is paired with sweatpants and canvas shoes, and the overall style presents a very cool style.

How to use shirts to match different styles of fashion, everyone

Have you learned everything?