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Next review technological developments and OBC DCDC, and in this area we still have a consensus.


The next step in the face of the inverter and the three-domain controller, the architecture of power distribution, in the end how to do, I want a emergency power supply by Power Integrations do specific programs launched under.

Part 1


Power Integrations

Do InnoSwitch ™ 3-AQ

In it, the case under consideration PI’s, mainly to resolve the case where the inverter control low voltage power supply, since the conventional design is to use a low voltage power supply 12V conventional architectures, low voltage input path redundancy must be provided to meet the requirements ASIL. This is mainly on account based on compliance aspects, in the absence of 12V power input conditions, and power on the bus capacitors can not take the initiative to release.

Note: The company design concern, the general will be released through an additional discharge resistor.


▲ controlling the inverter 1. FIG.


Therefore, it is considered from the point of view, in the inverter which need to 12V low voltage and high voltage power supply

(Supports 400V and 800V systems)

At work, so have the security features of the part can not work in the following voltage, allowing the MCU to complete the release of security.

▲ Figure 2. Two alternate path


3. FIG ▲ detect a trigger and an action


Power Integrations specific approach is the design of a car by a certified AECQ InnoSwitch ™ 3-AQ flyback switch, this module InnoSwitch3-AQ binding to primary and secondary controllers and security level of the feedback circuit into a single IC.

▲ 4.PI main chip described in FIG.


▲ Figure 5.PI of PCBA design schematics

▲ Figure 6.PI PCBA design of the physical map

I understand that this idea is

Redundancy is disposed directly on the high voltage high to low voltage power supply member to the emergency power supply to the system


Part 2


12V power supply infrastructure change

From the large logical point of view, behind the vehicle’s safety features is split level, we need to configure redundancy for different security needs. For example, in a number of important elements – such as the future core of the actuator

(Braking and steering),

12V power supply system arranged separate, forming two cells and two distribution lines and the DCDC converter design.


7. This voltage power distribution architecture diagram how ▲ move?

8. FIG ▲ decomposition future, bis 12V architecture

Of course so frustrating, it may not always make sense,

From a centralized point of view, are two direct dual + DCDC different single cell battery and a dual mode DCDC.

▲ Figure 9. If additional savings of about, the DCDC either double or bi-cell

Of course, we’ll hole larger brain, that is highly integrated basis,

Direct rearrangement of a path independent computing power, high-voltage power to a computing platform path

, The DCDC modules to achieve similar PI as envisaged, this may be a more direct way.

I’ve heard before, there is a very interesting example is using two high-voltage battery and a small, completely replace the existing 12V battery in the realization of the concept of never power supply system of the above, in fact, prepared to have two high-pressure configuration input, so that the low pressure never lack, so that the high pressure module DCDC do distributed, is also a way.

Summary: I understand, all of supercomputing platform is considered the nearest to configure high power match the power of architecture, I think if the high-voltage direct DCDC to do a similar future of supercomputing platform (400/800 -48 / 12V) power supply design It may be more reasonable.

12V to supply, may on the whole is unreasonable, because the path is too long.