There may be cute complaints that how can such an ordinary household item as a tissue box still need to grow grass. I wondered, are you so unrefined! Clothes know to change seasons to buy new ones, how to the decoration at home do not know to change the style, but also to change the mood!

Although the tissue box looks inconspicuous, the more detailed the place, the more worth our efforts. Especially this kind of tissue box, I think that autumn and winter should choose this fabric tissue box, hold it in the hand warm, place it at home warmly, lack the cold and hard feeling, so that life becomes fun!

— ❶ —

Geometric lines, fabric tissue box

Original Nordic fabric tissue boxPop style drawer boxModern simple tissue setRestaurant tissue storage box

The tissue box designed in fashionable Nordic style exerts Nordic style to the extreme, and the simple geometric elements exude a personality in the combination of different colors. The tissue box adopts a flat-mouth vertical paper extraction mouth design, so you don’t have to worry about pulling out several paper towels at once, is it very considerate of your family.

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Literary fashion, fabric tissue box

Hepburn home modern American urban fashion geometric texture napkin box car storage model house drawer box

In addition to aesthetics, the most important thing in home tissue boxes is to be practical. This literary stripe design tissue box adopts a flat design structure, so it can be directly folded into a cloth state when changing and washing daily, which is convenient and easy to wash, and if you have a car, it is more convenient to store and store it.

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Cute cat, fabric tissue box

carihome paper drawer box, home living room coffee table, simple and cute, creative office storage fabric tissue box

Cute tissue box, but cute that the little fairies can’t refuse. The strange cat pattern of the Internet celebrity makes people want to laugh, if you encounter something sad and need to hold the tissue box and cry, it is estimated that holding it should not be able to vent well. This soft fabric tissue box feels like a plush toy.

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Idyllic, fabric tissue box

Original jujube red vintage European style tissue box American pastoral country drawer box fabric cotton linen household paper cover

The tissue box on the dining table or on the coffee table largely plays the role of decoration, and this American idyllic tissue box can be entrusted with a heavy task. The gentle gray with the lovely pink and the elegant flowers like oil paintings make it look like a delicate bag from a distance.

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Vintage coarse cloth, fabric tissue box

Not Van Japanese style vintage hand-woven fabric old coarse cloth earthen fabric drawer box large living room tea table tissue bag

I don’t know if ancient people used tissue boxes, if there is, ordinary people’s homes should be this retro old coarse cloth style. It looks light and simple, but it seems to match well with the popular non-bleaching paper towels, and there is a sense of simplicity that returns to nature.

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Fresh pineapple, fabric tissue box

Original idyllic tissue box fabric green pineapple green plant tissue set small fresh art Nordic paper drawer box

It is not difficult to find that the green plant style is now very popular with young people, so there must be green plant elements in the room. This pineapple pattern fabric tissue box is painted on cotton and linen with a realistic pineapple pattern, green leaves, it looks very idyllic, and it is most suitable for placing on the dining table.

Paper tissue boxes, which are like clothes, will not buy less at home, so if you are tired of using your own hard plastic tissue boxes, it is better to choose a fabric tissue box with high comfort and very close to warmth, so that even daily paper becomes more homely.