In recent years, there is a bed that is very popular with second-child families, that is, the bunk bed, which is more luxurious than the bunk bed in the school, and it is very space-saving, and the privacy is relatively high, which seems to have many advantages.

But after designing the bunk bed, you will soon find that the real difficulty is not the size or style of the bunk bed, but the guardrail, children always turn over unconsciously in the middle of the night, if the lower bunk is better, but the danger in the upper bunk is relatively high.

So many friends began to open their brains to install guardrails for children, at first imitating the child’s guardrail design, but this kind of bed is obviously a little flashy, and a little more moving, can not hold.

Then there is the glass guardrail, which not only increases the strength, but also is convenient for parents to take care of at any time, but the glass is very fragile, once accidentally broken, the bedding on the bunk will suffer.

Now the more common is the wooden guardrail, this kind of guardrail is not high, and there is a certain gap between the guardrails, it looks beautiful and practical.

Some parents also deliberately added another layer on top of the original guardrail, but after all, the height is limited, many parents still can’t be too relieved, but if the guardrail is hit to the top and it looks very narrow, then is there any safe and atmospheric guardrail?

Regarding this point, the editor would like to suggest that you learn the mesh guardrail design of a downstream park, which is densely eyelets, and has a certain degree of elasticity between each other, and because the amusement park is used in large quantities, children will inevitably feel relaxed when they see it.

If your child is small, you can choose a more disciplined grid that is safe and convenient for parents to look after at all times, and this design is suitable for many situations, not just the bed.

And because the hemp rope has its own sense of nature, it can be connected to the roof design, and its soft material will not give people a narrow feeling, transparent and safe.

In addition, this mesh design is suitable for many styles, such as small and fresh Nordic style design, such as rough and atmospheric industrial style design, and even log style. Minimalist style, it blends perfectly.

When it comes to industrial style, you can also try the black line mesh guardrail, the position of the upper and lower stairs can be designed with sliding doors, which looks super conducive to the sense of ritual, and can not only be used in children’s rooms, but also adults.

For children who are older, you can add tricks when you have a certain sense of safety, such as this cross-mesh that looks very casual, which looks fresh and warm.

Or incorporate some geometric line elements into the mesh design, such as this design using brass rings, which looks a bit of high-end light luxury.

This movable mesh sliding door design may seem useless, but it is suitable for slightly older children, because the guardrail is safe, and will not be completely covered, the sense of transparency is stronger, but the privacy is weaker.

In fact, no matter what kind of bunk bed, there are certain restrictions on the age of children, so the design must take into account the actual situation, if the child has a certain independent ability, you can also refer to his ideas to design, to ensure the comfort and safety of the bunk bed.

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