Last Saturday, Uncle Yu held a movie viewing group in Shanghai.

And invited Xu Zheng and other main creators to interact with aquarists.

Although it is a romance film, there is continuous laughter throughout the process.

After the scene, the praise in the viewing group was directly brushed the screen.

According to the various feedback from aquarists, Uncle Yu dares to determine in advance:

It will be the biggest dark horse of domestic romance films this year


“The Myth of Love”

In recent years, domestic love has become the hardest hit area of bad films.

There are only a handful of Douban scores above the passing line.

Most of the works are either bloody clichés, tearing ×, abortions, car accidents, and the same;

Either worship gold levitation, which has nothing to do with the lives of ordinary people.

But “Love Myth” perfectly avoids the above lightning points.

The director of this film

Shao Yihui

You may not have heard.

She once joked to herself that she rejected many projects because of pretending, and last year surprised FIRST Venture Capital with “Love Myth”.

Because of the excellent quality of the script, the director’s debut was joined by a number of acting schools.

Except for the male protagonist

Xu Zheng

In addition, the heroines Ma Yili, Wu Yue, and Ni Hongjie were also invited.

At first glance, I thought that this was another story of three women robbing men.

But this time the roles were reversed and became

A man circled around three women

Played by Xu Zheng

Old white

, different from his previous roles.

There is a bit of a “Renaissance” temperament on his body.

I do the work of an art teacher, teaching people to sketch.

I live in a small western-style house in the last century, and I have some flowers and plants in the garden.

On a date or with old friends, you must cook a table of good dishes by yourself…

In short, pay attention to the sense of ritual and have a mood of life.

There is a detail in the movie:

Lao Bai, who ushered in the second spring, immediately went to purchase red wine.

When you get to the store, go straight to the import discount area.

In just one scene, it was outlined

Romance with a bit of budget-wise

of Shanghainese masculinity.

Originally, Lao Bai was busy for a day to give

Miss Lee

(played by Ma Yili)

Prepare a candlelit dinner

Desperately trying to please this beloved.

But the people have superior conditions and are a single hot mother.

In the advertising industry, the ability to make money is also quite beatable.

In the face of Lao Bai’s pursuit of nature, he is comfortable and has reservations.

What I didn’t expect was that before the candlelight dinner began, it was disturbed by uninvited guests.

Drawing class students


(played by Ni Hongjie)


Big red lips with big waves, under the eyes and eyebrows are amorous.

As a rich woman with a “rich and idle husband missing”, she lacks only someone who can listen to herself.

So if there was nothing to do, he came to the old Bai Gasan Hu and used him as a tree hole.

It’s a coincidence, Lao Bai’s ex-wife


(played by Wu Yue)

Just came over to deliver something.

She saw that her ex-husband, who had been married for many years, had always been slovenly, but this time he actually changed his style of dressing and dressed up like a person.

So with the mentality of watching a good show, simply stay a little longer.

Adults pay attention to a decent.

Since they have all come, Lao Bai is also embarrassed to rush guests.

Then sit down and eat together.

But the drunkard does not mean to drink.

Everyone, you say everything I say, insinuation, so not lively.

“Lao Bai and I have been with me for more than ten years, and no one has ever paid attention, but now as soon as they are separated, oh yo, they have become sought-after goods.”

“Well, let’s eat first, come first, right?”

“I’m the least of the things to grab with people.”

“Grab it.”

There is no tearing of the face, a big fight of the bloody bridge.

The women implied witty words, and turned the dining table into an Asura field.

This high-energy gathering fits seamlessly with the current festive atmosphere.

The movie-watching atmosphere directly reached a climax in the hilarious laughter.

Of course, some people may have to question:

Isn’t this still three women fighting for a man?

Quite the opposite.

“Love Myth” wants to do what domestic romance films dare not do –

Deconstruct the traditional concept of love and subvert the audience’s inertial thinking.

In love love, Lao Bai is the most passive one.

Because he didn’t know what he really wanted.

It seems that with whomever he is with, he can barely make do with his life.

And these three women are not, they are more sober than the other.

No one wants to fall in love easily.

Beibei is divorced, and her son is an adult.

Although the mouth says:

“It is incomplete for a woman who has not had a child in her life.”

But this is somewhat gambling mixed with self-persuasion.

Beibei has nothing to do with the traditional female label.

She loves to dance tango and enjoys being the center of attention.

But in the last marriage, he was bound by the identity of “wife” and “mother”, and he spent half his life.

Lao Bai never understood her, or didn’t want to understand her.

Finally, Beibei’s pent-up passion prompts her to make “a mistake that men all over the world make.”

Hurt Lao Bai fiercely, and the marriage completely broke down.

Lao Bai’s mother has been looking forward to them getting back together.

But Beibei was unmoved.

Because although Lao Bai is a good man who cares for the family, it is not enough to ignite her passion.

This time ridiculing Lao Bai’s new object at the dinner table, but he couldn’t erase his face.

In essence, she is still a stubborn and strong person.

The Gloria, as the name suggests, was a romantic.

She spoke at the dinner table:

“It is incomplete for a woman who has not lived for herself in this life.”

“A woman who has not dumped 100 men in her life is incomplete.”

As casual as a wild cat, he advocates passion and freedom.

Not bound by a loveless marriage, it is important to be happy.

As a rich woman, Gloria has never lacked men around her.

But she longs more for a soul mate.

After meeting the flirtatious Lao Bai, who understands literature and art, and is considerate, she seems to glimpse a glimpse of the possibility of re-believing in love.

But her heart was moved, and she knew that Lao Bai had another love, so she generously let go.

Romance, enthusiasm, and unruliness are her, and righteousness, freedom, and transparency are also her.

Just like Ni Hongjie’s metaphor,

She is a glass snowflake with five corners, and different angles have different colors.

Unlike Bebe and Gloria.

Ms. Li values security.

The last failed marriage with no money made her firmly believe that it is better to seek others than to seek herself.

“It is incomplete for a woman who has not earned 1 million in her life.”

On the surface, she is more independent and strong than the other two women.

But she is also difficult to summarize by a label.

Beneath the exterior of fighting for business, there is also a soft heart.

She loves to watch hypocritical dramas, love to listen to hypocritical stories, and of course longs for love.

It’s just that with the lessons of the past, she no longer dares to love.

“If you don’t get the best, I’d rather go another way.”

The first date with Lao Bai was originally a dewy affair on a whim.

When leaving, she

Accidentally broke the heel of his shoe

Only then did a series of subsequent developments.

This pair of expensive high heels hooked up the relationship between Miss Li and Lao Bai.

It also cleverly becomes a metaphor for the difference in the two views of love.

Lao Bai almost launched an offensive against Miss Li with the determination to give it a go.

Seeing that her shoes were broken, he offered to help her repair her shoes.

She even helped her pick up and drop her children to and from school and helped her children with homework.

But as the old saying goes,

More than enough is too much

Miss Li’s daughter couldn’t help but complain:

So many people chased my mother, and you were the only one to send it to the door.

Miss Li, on the other hand, is always accustomed to dousing passion with rational thinking.

I’d rather suffer losses myself than owe favor to others, so it’s always hurt.

“Love Myth” subverts the female image of Facebook in previous domestic romance films.

Beibei, who seems to be a traditional woman, does not want to be a good wife and mother;

Gloria, who seems to be extremely romantic, also lives dashingly;

The seemingly strong Miss Li is actually the most insecure.

None of them pinned their hopes on Lao Bai, even though he was a good man in the traditional sense.

In other words, they trust only their instincts and live only for themselves.

People may instinctively desire love, but love should not come at the expense of oneself.

Have a tolerance for love, do not let it dominate your life, do not produce a sense of loss of control.

Such a mature concept of love is rare in domestic films.

Xu Zheng mentioned after the screening:

This is a truly contemporary urban film.

Although many domestic romance films in recent years have been under this banner.

But in reality they are neither “contemporary” nor “urban”.

The so-called “contemporary”.

It does not refer to the accumulation of trendy elements, but to an open and advanced concept.

The image of both sexes created by “The Myth of Love” completely breaks away from stereotypes.

Say no to the old love routines of dog blood.

In the emotional line of imminent departure,

The movie lifts a heavy weight to complete a disenchantment of the “love myth”.

For contemporary people, love is no longer an unattainable temple.

Not every mention is overwhelming.

It can also be handled gently and self-centeredly.

Some people regard love as faith, of course, some people regard it as a pastime when bored, a comfort when tired.

Not deifying love is where the contemporaneity of romance films lies.

From this point of view, “Love Myth” does have the temperament of Woody Allen’s movie.

Women’s subjectivity is released, and men show their side of gain and loss.

The cannon-like dialogue makes people smile and can withstand scrutiny.

Relaxed, romantic, and full of witty irony.

And the so-called “metropolis”.

It is not an abuse of urban symbols to concoct suspended landscapes.

Shanghai, as a popular filming location and Internet celebrity check-in place, is probably the most misunderstood city.

It seems that it has been equated with “drunken gold fans” and “petty bourgeoisie”.

Therefore, this time, Uncle Yu was very pleased to see that finally a director shot one

Shanghai with a rich quality of life

Director Shao Yihui said:

“By putting up clothes rails and drying pants and bras and vests between the scrambling buildings, I will not avoid these citizens’ lives, and will calmly face the less advanced things in life.”

The shots in the film are not aimed at the night scene of the Bund and the riverside mansion.

Instead, it focuses on old neighborhoods, street shops, and ordinary citizens living here.

It is precisely these “less advanced things” that make the thick pyrotechnics in the movie.

Xu Zheng, Ma Yili, Wu Yue, Zhou Yemang and other starring actors are all Shanghainese.

Ni Hongjie and Huang Minghao are also from the Wu-speaking region.

The whole film uses original Shanghainese dialogue to restore Shanghai

City taste

The director also showed a lot of ingenuity by borrowing the character’s residence.

Old house in Shanghai, the first floor is a common kitchen.

Therefore, Lao Bai ran up and down to cook for Miss Li, and Miss Li secretly went downstairs to escape this scene.

The comedic effect of the contrast is even more prominent.

And heart-to-heart conversations and melancholy moments are arranged on the small rooftop on the top floor.

Looking at Shanghai from this perspective completely removes the curious gaze.

And the two supporting roles that cannot be ignored in the whole film interpret the Shanghai temperament to the fullest.

One is

Lao Wu played by Zhou Yemang

Typical old Koehler, with a foreign and elegant lifestyle.

The story of his first love with a female star is also the most important dark line in the whole film.

Uncle Yu will not have many spoilers here, leaving it for everyone to go to the cinema to reveal the secret.

The other is

The little tanner played by Ning Li

In Shanghai, the city with the largest number of cafes in the world, he must also have his own “coffee time”.

He repairs shoes, understands shoes, and understands gender relations, and can be called a hidden “philosopher” in the city.

Therefore, although there are not many scenes, they are all highlight moments.

For example, in one sentence:

“The problem with women is that they think too much. The problem with men is that they think too little.”

The director read love, and he also read Shanghai.

The two are actually the same.

Modern and languid, restrained and refined.

It always surprises the audience and brings a steady stream of surprises.

Especially the divine twist near the end, which caught the audience off guard.

But we still enjoy watching the movie and accept the end of the story.

Maybe it’s because we agree

This is the true face of love and even life

Watching “The Myth of Love” is like meeting a group of interesting friends in the cinema.

With them through a life of laughter and tears.

As director Shao Yihui said:

“When the audience watches, they know that they lived like this before the story. After reading the end, I believe that they will continue to live like this.”

This Christmas, Uncle Yu also plans to take the whole family to Erbrush together.

It is so light that it tickles our laughter;

And the afterglow is long, let us rethink the true meaning of love.

This is what a domestic romance film should look like.