The source of goods is the top priority of opening a store, and the selection of goods is equal to half of the success, but for newcomers in children’s clothing, the most headache should be the choice of goods, so taking goods is a science, what to take? Where to get it? When to take it? How to take it? are all brain tests, if the season is not the right or the late is easy to cause pressure on the goods, then you must not lose death! Today I will discuss with you how to get the goods.



The goods are generally in January to start stocking, in February some places have been on sale, spring goods are mainly explosive T-shirts, sweatshirts, casual pants, suspenders, light jackets, spring time is relatively short, do not take too much.


The source of goods at the end of March and April to start stocking, this summer started early, ended early, in May summer clothes are almost bought, so the goods must be prepared in advance, summer best-selling goods are short sleeves, vests, small skirts, shorts, belly pockets, shoulder buckle underwear, etc., if you are a novice, take less and make up more, diligent and fast, July began to clear the goods one after another, although summer clothes are the longest of the year, but do not take too much in one go, in short, take less and make up more.


That is, in July and August, they began to stock up one after another, autumn clothing sales time is relatively long, almost September to November this time period, spring clothes not sold out of clothes can continue to be sold in light autumn, generally in the autumn when home wear, underwear sales are the best, you can buy more goods, thin jackets, thin sweatshirts can also be prepared more, sweatshirts can be used as a winter base, pay attention to autumn and winter underwear to take the sleeves and pants are tight, will be more popular, in addition, the sales time of vests is from August to October, By November, it will start to enter late autumn or winter, and it will not sell well in November.


The goods are around October, it will begin to be stocked one after another, mid-November to the lunar year before the year belong to the winter peak season, the unit price of winter goods is relatively high, the profit is also large, open a clothing store for a year is looking forward to this quarter must seize this opportunity, to prepare goods in advance, otherwise don’t sell it, you have not yet purchased, will miss the promotion period, lose competitive advantage, so must be one step ahead of others, winter goods are mainly down jackets, cotton clothing, autumn clothes and autumn pants, thick jackets, thick sweaters, plush sweaters, hats, cotton shoes , and display with peripheral items like winter, such as cotton shoes, hats, etc. When you take the goods, you must do a good job of matching the display!

  Finally, focus on July and August here, because these two months are the off-season of clothing, generally in May and June, summer clothes should be bought, this time is the clearance stage, August is at the turn of the season, summer clothes no one buys, because the temperature begins to drop, autumn and winter equipment goods are still early, so these two months are mainly to clean up the summer inventory, cash themselves to prepare for autumn and winter goods.

  In short, no matter what season it is, you must understand the bestsellers of each season, do a good job of planning, especially in spring and autumn, the sales period of the two seasons is relatively short, in order to avoid pressing goods, take less and make up more, winter is the high profit period of clothing stores, must prepare goods in advance, fight the battle. In addition, the best time to open a store is May 1st or half a month around October 1st.


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