LV is still a brand with martial virtue, not pit the poor, the official price of the new inflatable “down” vest is 26,700 yuan, which fundamentally discourages the poor like me from buying.

From the back, it really looks like a foam pad for packaging.

However, the color of the three national flag sweaters inside is good, and the transparent vest may be designed to match the color inside.

Inflatable “down” jacket, wearing a lonely, it is said that many Internet celebrities have already bought, upper body, feel Chinese rich.

This goes well with yellow but is quite good-looking, yellow is the popular color of 2021.

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In the end, all my mind was filled with foam in the delivery box [laughing and crying]

Since Off-White designers took over LV, LV has begun to move closer to street trends, the overall style is much younger, to be honest, many men’s clothing really looks good!

Off-White is a street fashion brand founded by designer Virgil Abloh.

Global fashion search platform Lyst released its third quarter report on the world’s top fashion brands in October 2019. At the top of the list is Off-Whiteâ„¢, which rose to number one from second place in the previous quarter.

Virgil Abloh makes lv more street, more trendy, street graffiti, the big gold chain of black culture, are all inspiration, and the price is getting more and more expensive. [Cover your face] Finally, an LV mask to put a reel to the end.