Emerging Bird is a high-tech artificial intelligence bionic flapping wing aircraft listed by the Chinese company Hanwang Technology in 2019, which has attracted much attention since its listing, Russian time on February 11, 2020, Emerging Bird flew into the Russian Toy Fair, this bionic robot bird can not only allow children to stay away from mobile phones, exercise, but also cultivate children’s interest in scientific and technological products, as well as the ability to coordinate the operation of the brain and the body, once unveiled, it attracts many big friends and children to watch and experience.

Emerging Bird is a combination of artificial intelligence technology and bionic technology launched by Hanwang Technology, a high-tech enterprise in China, which combines its own flight control algorithm in intelligent technology, integrates position perception, attitude perception, obstacle perception and other intelligent perception technologies, and adds human-computer interaction technologies such as somatosensory interaction and infrared interaction, achieving a breakthrough in imitating the flight movement mode of birds and flying autonomously.

In recent years, with the development of technology, Chinese parents have paid more and more attention to children’s education, but they also understand the importance of learning for fun. Choosing smart toys for children is not only the development trend of children’s education in China, but also in Russia. Why choose a bird for children? In fact, in the process of children playing with the first bird, they may ask, why can this bird made of plastic fly? And it doesn’t hit the wall and can turn automatically? As a parent, you can properly guide children to further explore science and technology, for example, this bionic bird is installed with the main control chip, communication chip, sensor chip, power control chip, gyroscope chip and many other chips, is the result of the cooperation and joint operation of various cutting-edge technologies, so as long as you shake the bird, it can fly autonomously.

For older children, they may be interested in ‘how to control a bionic bird’, then they can learn from remote control, and the process of remote control is also a process of improving hand-eye coordination, and at the same time can guide children to further study aerodynamics, biology and other fields.

At present, Hanwang’s emerging bird can fly autonomously, or realize a series of performances such as fixed height flight, autonomous obstacle avoidance flight, somatosensory switching, straight flight, and specific flight actions through remote control, and carry out circling flight in a limited space (such as a small family room)… In the future, the R&D team of Hanwang imitation winged birds will also start from the programming aspect and add corresponding programming functions to the emerging birds to meet the curiosity of all ages about emerging birds.

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