Summer costumes will always be thin. T-shirt has become a very popular single product, with simple design and reasonable cropping, it can maintain good compatibility with various items. If you feel that the T-shirt is too ordinary, especially the type of solid color does not have a bright spot, that is, you haven’t mastered the right wear, use the following four ways, you can unlock the new style of the T-shirt, let you tide again. .

Let’s introduce the T-shirt relatively simple wearing, directly in the upper body to cooperate with the dress, you can make the shape and elegance and temperament.

Pure white T-shirt

Most fresh, if the color is very refreshing, if the cooperation is very refreshing

Light blue pleated skirt

On the one hand, the fresh beauty is more perfect, and the leg type can also be easily covered, but it will not make the garment look hot or create an uncomfortable effect.

The matching of the solid color T-shirt and the skirt is a commonly common clothing combination in summer, which can make the girls in the skirt, beautiful legs or hips, let the girls of different body can find the corresponding style.

This white T-shirt style is also a simple type. The style will not be too fat. If you don’t look too much swelling, when the kardiki dress with the skin is design, there is also a significant difference between the fabric, the skirt in an elegant style. Add a few minus sexy.

The T-shirts selected here are types of solid color, but there is a differential display of different colors, and some may be more pure, some can highlight the characteristics of the girl’s skin white or gentle temperament.

This is like this

Khaki sleeveless T-shirt


It belongs to a relatively soft representation, and the fitted dress can be deep, and it can be shallow, and the effects of the two are different. With black skirts match it, you can look very stable, very mature, light dress is more soft.

The T-shirt selection will be passionate, it will maintain different skin forms, sleeveless styles or short sleeves, are all popular types in summer.


The tip of this T-shirt will be more profitable, because there is no connection to the cuffs, you can make it more pure, more big, and the color can keep a little deep. The cooperation of the dress is very elegant, with a high-waist form of comparative examples of rapid depiction and modification, which seems to be very good, and the figure is very beautiful.

The T-shirt wear is different from person to person. Many girls can always use keen fashion smells, and give the solid color T-shirt to a new form. Here, introduce the second matching method, that is, a long vest and T-shirt Cooperate.



The integration is the way to increase the level of layers, so that the dress becomes the wind, it is very chic. The most important thing is the combination of clothing color, the white T-shirt is the most simple, with light gray long vest, belongs to the collision of the foundation.


The vena is divided into different kinds, there are short forms, and there are long types, like serious or practiced style, you can choose a suit small vest, but you don’t need to wear so grand, long and wide sleeveless vest. It is fully able to meet the needs.

This white t-shirt is coordinated with the same color very

Simple long vest

However, its length will be knee, open to wear, can pay attention to the contrast of the contrast, not because the jacket is too long, the proportion is not high enough.


When using T-shirts and vest portfolios, it is important to balance in their color. If the T-shirt is dark, the vest can also use this color system to enhance the feeling of restraining.

Black t-shirt is unatth to the vest’s color, you can wear deep gray type, and then add the brightness of the white trousers to the brightness of the clothing, so wear very atmosphere.

The superimposing method is quick to solve the highlights of the solid color T-shirt, the appearance is too light, but the superimposed single product also has a style, the long vest is very close, the hanging skirt will make the style elegant.

White T-shirts are best fitted with a black susceptor, both of them can fuse the style and aesthetics of the atmosphere, and the black and white can form a separation effect, the charge level.


When using T-shirts and hanging skirts, it can be used to use solid color type, but there are many patterns that can be played on color. The color combination of two items will not be too difficult.


Light gray t-shirt

It combines a very fresh blue susceptor skirt, which is more aged, and it can be tied to create a very similar feeling through the elegant skirt. Of course, if you want to highlight the figure, the design of the suspender can be slim or retain the form of the hook.

If you think that the appearance of the T-shirt is too common, it is because you haven’t found a variety of wear ways, as a costume that can be smashed and superimposed, the solid color T-shirt has always been standing in the women’s wardrobe, head head Very chest, has great value.


If you are worried about the nakedness of the arm, you can put on the solid color shirt outside the white T-shirt, which can be a white, or other color system.


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This is like this