Many people choose to have cats because they are very convenient to take care of, they will use their own cat litter, they will clean themselves, and they will not be particularly clingy to jump up and down. But the only problem on them is probably bathing, bathing cats is not only a challenge for them, but also a headache for shovel officers.

No matter how well-behaved and cute the cat touches the water, it may become open teeth and claws, teeth grinning, every time after bathing, the owner will inevitably have a few more scratches on his hands, and even some people will put protective covers on the cat’s limbs in order to facilitate bathing, veterinarian Xiaoming also thinks that humans are also heartbroken in order to solve the problem of cat bathing.

But why do cats love to clean so much, but don’t love bathing? Is it because they are afraid of water?

First, it is related to the ancestors of cats

From a historical point of view, the ancestors of the current domestic cat originated from the African wild cat and the Asian desert cat, the ancestor of the cat lived in arid areas all year round, water resources are very scarce, they are also accustomed to not being too close to water, and have evolved into “dry ducks”.

Second, they don’t like the feeling of their hair getting wet

Once the cat’s hair is wet with water, it will be wet and heavy, the temperature of the body will drop sharply, the movement will be hindered, and they will no longer touch the water when they feel that the body is cold. In the desert area a long time ago, occasional heavy rains would even take the life of cats, so cats are naturally very afraid of water.

Third, water will mask the cat’s own smell

Cats will secrete some cat-specific smells, which can help cats mark and communicate information, and will bring a sense of security to cats. And when the cat is wet and bathed, this smell will disappear, the cat will be contaminated with the smell of tap water, the smell of shower gel, and the cat will feel that this is very unsafe.

It seems that cats are afraid of water is by nature, and everyone can only accept this reality, but this bath still has to be washed,

How to make cats no longer afraid of bathing, veterinarian Xiaoming teaches you 4 tips to make your cat no longer resist bathing.

1. Help the cat trim its nails

Cats are afraid of water is their instinct, in order to prevent cats from hurting people when they encounter water struggle, cat nails should be trimmed in advance, really inexperienced shovel officers have to bring them nail protectors.

2. Be well prepared

Keep all kinds of items needed for cat bathing in advance in hand, which can shorten the cat’s bathing time. The indoor temperature is controlled at about 28 ° C, and it is best to turn on the heater and bath bomb in winter to help the cat warm up.

The water temperature is controlled at about 35 °C ~ 40 °C,

Test it with your hands in advance, and you can wash the cat without burning your hands.

3. Pay attention to the process of bathing

It is best to choose a bath, the water surface should not exceed the cat’s belly, otherwise the cat will lose its sense of security and feel like it is going to drown.

Owners who choose to shower can put a non-slip mat under the cat’s feet, or a small blanket that the cat usually uses, which will increase the cat’s sense of security, feel their own smell, and prevent them from slipping.

When washing, first slowly water their bodies, and then rub their whole body with shower gel. Take care to avoid their eyes, ears, mouth and nose to prevent water from entering.

Do not use the shower head of the human bath to flush directly at them, excessive water pressure will increase the psychological burden of cats, you should reduce the amount of water, gently and slowly rinse their bodies. When bathing, don’t forget to use your hands to calm the cat in time, which can calm them a lot.

4. Care after bathing

The bathing time is generally controlled within half an hour, of course, the shovel officers who are familiar with the operation process may be able to easily do it in fifteen minutes.

Wipe the water with a dry towel as soon as possible after bathing, and dry their hair with a hair dryer as soon as possible.

Before turning on the hair dryer, let the cats adapt to the sound, and then blow air to them, and you can use a dryer for them if possible.

When the cat successfully cooperates with you to complete the bath, the owner should also pet them more at this time and give them a little reward. Help them comb their hair, feed them some dried fish, small canned food, etc., so that they can leave a good impression of bathing, and they will not be so resistant next time.

In fact, veterinarian Xiaoming feels that bathing also depends on the relationship between the cat and the owner, as long as the owner treats the cat gently in the right way, the cat also trusts the owner and does not feel threatened, there is nothing difficult about bathing.

If your cat is really disobedient and can’t cooperate at all, veterinarian Xiaoming will give you one last tip: wash cat bags! (I don’t tell him about ordinary people)

However, cats usually love to clean their bodies, and the frequency of the owner’s bath does not need to be too frequent, especially the cats kept indoors can be washed once every six months. In short, I hope that everyone can take good care of their cats so that they can accompany themselves healthily and happily.

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