Watching a movie is often a way for modern people to relieve the pressure of life, although the cinema can indeed provide very good visual and auditory effects, but most people watch the movie time is more concentrated, there are more people, there are some phenomena that affect the order of watching the movie, and the viewing experience is greatly reduced. But now that people’s living standards are relatively high, it is also very good to set up a home theater at home and only share movies with the people you love the most. However, in addition to high-definition film sources and high-resolution screens, the sound experience must also keep up to have a cinematic effect. In order for everyone to choose better speaker products when setting up a home theater, Xiaobian today specially brought you three excellent living room active speakers recommendation, I hope you like it.

Huiwei HiVi M300MKII Active HIFI Bookshelf Box Multimedia Wireless 5.0 Bluetooth Home 2.0 Three-way Desktop Audio TV Speaker Computer Audio

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Huiwei is a very well-known audio brand, and the first product we bring to you today is the M300MKII three-way active speaker from Huiwei. This speaker inherits the classic appearance of Huiwei M200 series in terms of shape design, the cabinet is wrapped with black matt paint, and the side panels of thickened wood grain sound barriers are used on both sides, which can effectively reduce the impact of cabinet resonance on sound, and the vertical section of the front panel and the bottom surface has a special 4° inclination angle, which is an optimization of the long-distance listening environment such as the living room, which can ensure that the listener can hear accurate axial direct sound.

This Huiwei M300MKII adopts a three-way electronic crossover structure, and from top to bottom on the front of the cabinet are Huiwei’s patented equal magnetic field band tweeter, 50mm professional metal midrange driver, and 6.5-inch large dynamic woofer. All three units have been carefully designed by Huiwei to make the sound more realistic and accurate. In addition, Huiwei M300MKII also supports a variety of connection modes, in addition to traditional coaxial, line, balanced input, but also supports advanced Bluetooth 5.0, wired network, optical fiber input, etc., so that TVs, computers, mobile phones can enjoy Hi-Fi sound quality.

At present, the price of Huiwei M300MKII in Jingdong is 3980 yuan.

【2019 NEW】EDIFIER S1000MKII New Classic Flagship HIFI Class 2.0 Speaker Bluetooth Speaker Audio Computer Speaker TV Audio


The second product we recommend is the Rambler S1000MKII home speaker, which is also very traditional in appearance, but with a lot of modern fashion elements. S1000MKII adopts a 1-inch titanium top tweeter + 5.5-inch mid-bass Hi-Fi acoustic system, the titanium dome can restore up to 40KHz high-frequency signal, the sound is clear and transparent; The 5.5-inch aluminum alloy diaphragm is responsible for the mid-woofer, which has the characteristics of high strength and high fidelity, and cooperates with the DSP all-digital electronic crossover to achieve more accurate and fast mid-bass performance.

In addition, the S1000MKII uses the high-quality digital-to-analog conversion chip PCM9211, a professional manufacturer of ADC/DAC, BB, to support 24-Bit, 216KHz high-precision digital audio signals. The built-in Texas Instruments DS professional audio processing chip can precisely control the crossover point, so that the speaker’s high and low bass can be accurately rendered. At the same time, the efficient and powerful power amplifier system can output up to 25W×2+35W×2 continuous undistorted power, and the control of large dynamic signals is even better, without fear of the sound effect needs of grand scenes.

At present, the price of the Rambler S1000MKII in Jingdong’s self-operated store is 1198 yuan.

JBL CM220 High Fidelity Active Monitor 2.0 Speaker HIFI Sound Quality Bluetooth Speaker Subwoofer Multimedia Computer TV Audio Room Desktop Speaker


The third model we recommend today is the CM220 high-fidelity active monitor Bluetooth speaker from JBL, which has a classic cherry red exterior that ensures a refined shape while blending into a variety of home decoration environments without being obtrusive. In terms of sound, the CM220 adopts a one-inch silk dome tweeter and a four-inch metal disc woofer to provide bright and penetrating treble and low elastic and rich mid-bass performance.

At the same time, CM220 adopts a professional Class D digital amplifier, with clear sound playback and outstanding resolution. The speaker is also equipped with a wireless remote control, which does not need to be operated on the chassis, and can be remotely operated through the remote control. Speaking of signal sources, this CM220 supports ultra-rich connection methods, adapting to the playback needs of different devices such as mobile phones and U disks.

At present, the price of this JBL CM220 in Jingdong’s self-operated store is 1288 yuan.

The above are a few family active speakers I recommend, I don’t know if you have a favorite? Users who like it may wish to click the product link in the article to learn more. There should also be a lot of discounts during the National Day holiday, so you can buy more in advance so as not to miss out on the good price.

Edited by Wang Weiming

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