Swarovski is not the first time it has been used for street brands

In the last article, Wayne told everyone about the luxury story of the street big brother Supreme and Swarovski, and sure enough, this matter still occupies countless attention in the trend circle.

In fact, this is not the first time it has cross-border joint street brands, taking the recently popular Palm Angels as an example, Palm Angels co-founded with Fi Dong and Nigo’s brand Ice Cream, which uses Swarovski crystals in the big ice cream pattern behind it.

When it comes to the Japanese OG-class street brand BAPE, its love for Swarovski crystals is indescribable. Maybe if Wayne doesn’t introduce it, everyone won’t know much.

In the early My Melody x A BATHING APE Baby Milo joint series, both luminous camouflage and Swarovski crystal designs were used.

In 2016 and 2017, the BAPE® COLOR CAMO SWAROVSKI FULL ZIP HOODIE and the Tiger Shark series also used Swarovski crystals to create a luxurious streetwear feel.

The same example occurred on the occasion of BAPE’s 22nd anniversary, is this use of Swarovski on clothing pieces a bit like Supreme today? The difference is that BAPE did not forget to use crystal elements in the past and now.

In addition to BAPE, like the Japanese veteran dark brand ROAR also deliberately uses the elements of Swarov crystal in the joint name with IT, I believe that the veteran brand has its own understanding of this sense of luxury.

In recent years, Vetements, which has sprung up, is known for its “spoofing” and “took care” of Swarovski in 2017, which shows the importance attached to this brand and crystal elements in the trend circle.

After talking about the use of crystal in clothing items, I believe that everyone has not thought that shoes can also use crystal elements. Take one of the hottest daddy shoes at this time last year, the Nike Air Max97 “bullet”, for example, from the initial customized model to the wishful joint model, which reflects the fiery crystal element.

At the same time, New Balance has also customized the Swarovski crystal version for its classic sneaker 574. The price is $300, which is about 4-5 times the regular version.

Early readers of shoe circles will not forget Reebok’s Pump Fury, how luxurious the Disney x Reebok Instapump Fury “Cinderella” was as a non-commercial limited edition.


Not only the above retro shoes, but now even technology sports running shoes such as Nike Air Vapormax2 do not forget to use a crystal element, which can’t help but wonder: why do so many brands in so many fields, regardless of style or item, do not forget to use crystal?

Where did Swarovski come from and what are the selling points?

Considering that the Swarovski brand had never been mentioned before, Wayne felt it was necessary to popularize it here. This Austrian brand, born in 1895, is also a small name in the jewelry circle, and it is not surprising that everyone sees this brand on the street.

Swarovski’s official introduction is: famous for the world’s most advanced precision cutting technology and dazzling crystal products. I believe that this introduction has not yet grasped the main point.


What about imitation crystal products?

In other words, Swarovski’s (most) products use imitation crystals, allegedly a type of glass, and use a diamond-cutting process, so that the texture of the jewelry looks like diamonds, and this process has been passed down as a patent.


“Jewelry is material, Swarovski is spiritual.” This phrase is embraced as the brand slogan/core culture, in fact, it is quite true to some extent, it expresses that design and culture will always be higher than the jewelry (material) itself.

On the road of brand development, Swarovski did not adopt the route of luxury rarity like Cartier, Bulgari and other brands next door, but released a large part of relatively affordable items, but was no less influential than the latter.

Swarovski can also be easily spotted on the red carpet of the Oscars

Our beloved Galeries Lafayette, Karl Lagerfeld, once signed a contract with Swarovski, from jewelry design to watch design, including the use of his cat Choupette as a design pattern, combined with crystal, the sense of luxury is full.

Why does the trend circle favor crystal elements? It’s not easy

Wayne remembered a joke she once saw on Sina Weibo, the theme of which was to discuss “What is your boyfriend’s favorite gift for a girl?” And it is not difficult to find on the hot list: Swarovski’s necklace has become the hardest hit, and many girls have said that they have received this gift.

Swarovski, Black Swan, Devil’s Eye and other items solve the problem of boys giving gifts to their girlfriends

Perhaps this explains why the trend circle favors this element. Famed Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane previously used the 10-foot-tall cake with 2,500 Swarovski crystals at her wedding.

In this case, crystal is not only beautiful, but also more visually impactful, and most importantly, there are many people who do not know much about this brand or the industry will think that crystal elements are luxurious.

In fact, it is not, take the New Balance 574 just mentioned as an example, the price is $300; Supreme x Swarovski is priced at $398/$598. Judging from the offer price alone, it really can’t be regarded as a sky-high price.

There is a general formula for co-branding: take the most expensive of the two brands as the lowest price, but the quality will only be worse than the worst. New Balance or Supreme, they are crystal collections launched only for the anniversary of brands or items, and they are really not expensive from the perspective of added value.

You know, this is the added value of the two brands, which also explains why the secondary market sells sky-high. Even if it is a joint name, it will not be more expensive than Bulgari and Cartier next door.

Moreover, from the design level, the brand logo after being blessed by the crystal has a very great visual impact. This explains why everyone is scrambling to use it in order to make it easier for consumers to pay.

Advisory Board Crystals



Finally, it is necessary to mention the design trend of the current trend circle. We know that the line between fashion and street is becoming more and more blurred, and in this collection we clearly see that they are also on the path of luxury.

The Nike x Ambush necklace uses 18k gold

In fact, it is not difficult to understand, after all, millennials and Generation Z are pursuing individuality, and clothing has become a form of expression, such as Rapper’s pursuit of wearing gold and silver, and they are also enjoying this eye-catching feeling.

It is foreseeable that crystal items will appear more and more in the trend circle, and even gold, diamonds and other materials that we previously considered to have nothing to do with trend items will follow.