#Winter Wear Diary#

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As soon as winter comes, do you put on skirts at all

Press the bottom of the box

What about it? You must know that the most feminine piece of this season is the dress, which is intellectually elegant


It is more loved by the sisters. There are more styles of skirts and can also be worn with various tops.

It’s beautiful, but it’s also necessary

Stay warm

, Today let’s talk about winter skirts

Stylish and warm

3 ways to tie it.

LOOK 1: Sweater + skirt

In winter,


became the most worn


Single item. Sweater matching

More flexible and flowing, but also not picky the occasion.

This furry

It is warm and cute to wear, and you don’t want to take it off. The large square collar shows off your slender collarbones and shows off your face.

The sleeves of the sweater are

Lantern shape

, not only concave shape is good-looking, but also can hide meat to show thinness. Match this piece

White sweater

, the first thing that came to my mind was

Black skirt

Black and white

Very classic.

When pairing a sweater with a skirt, put one side of the sweater on the hem

Stuff in

In a skirt, that’s fine

Optimize body proportions

。 It can also be “created” by satchels

High waistline

This one is also temperamental

Sweet wind

of sweaters. upper

Openwork lace

It can be said that the temperament is to death, don’t miss the sisters you like!

The hem of the sweater is tightened, tie it up

High-rise skirt

, you don’t need to stuff the corners, just mention it up to look thin and tall.

On the feet

Fur shoes

Isn’t it cute with this sweater

Echo up and down

, there is a very compatible feeling ~


It has become a very classic pop element, it appears on an ordinary sweater, and it can make it look a lot more bright in an instant.

I chose one

Pleated skirt

And this one

Houndstooth checkered sweater

Matching, combined”

Skinny and proficient

”。 Especially right

Pear-shaped body

The sisters are friendly. The black and white shoes on the feet also echoed the sweater.

LOOK 2: Short coat + skirt

Short coat


This pair is definitely a boon for little girls,”

Short top and long bottom

“The match makes you instantly look 5cm taller!

This one

Motorcycle jacket

It is

The best partner. The handsomeness of the biker jacket is perfectly combined with the femininity of the skirt, and it is also more personal.

This motorcycle jacket is the kind of handsome with a little cute, and the fit is also loose silhouette, not picking the figure at all. Add lint on the outside and cotton on the inside, and you are no longer afraid to cool down when you wear it.

The T-shirt inside is all tucked into the skirt, and the coat is worn open, and the proportions of the body are suddenly optimized, or I can say that this combination is

Gospel for small men


How can there be no one piece in winter

Short down jacket

This! The white down jacket is layered with a black turtleneck sweater, which invisibly lengthens the line of the neck. The skirt with a high-waisted design is very neat and capable.

Here is a little knowledge point, don’t want to wear a down jacket and want to be fat, just choose this

Crimping down jacket

, it doesn’t look thick, but the warmth is not bad at all.

A sister wants me to recommend one to her.”

A coat that can survive the winter in the south”

, this heavy coat can be solved, the inside is imitation rabbit hair, skin-friendly and warm. The outside material is particularly windproof.

Houndstooth checkered sweater + pleated skirt

, walking down the street will definitely help you earn enough repeat time.

This small short coat is more recommended for small girls, with a skirt, which can lengthen the proportion of the lower body.

LOOK 3: Long coat + skirt

Long coat

As one of the indispensable pieces in winter, wear it with it

It can highlight the charm of women, and temperament goddesses must try.

What girl can refuse such a pink coat? I can’t anyway. The upper body is structured and shapely, and the workmanship is also very meticulous, and you can see the sense of luxury at a glance.

I chose one in particular

White turtleneck sweater

, it is special to wear

Skin whitening

。 I chose a skirt longer than a coat for bottoms, in this “

Inside long and short outside

” is very obvious


The houndstooth sweater was worn, and there was another one

Houndstooth coat

Wear it. The clean cut and just the right length can make the figure look more slender.

And its clasp is specially made

Leather buckle design

More classy! And very age-reducing. It’s worth buying, and I feel like it’s not going to go out of style.

If you wake up every day and don’t know what to wear, try these skirts, there will be surprises.

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