Recently, some Bao’s mother complained in the background, saying that because of the baby’s small inner and mother-in-law had a dispute before, in order to avoid the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, she let her mother-in-law not wear small inner inner for her daughter, but I didn’t expect that my daughter was recently found to be urethritis, and I regretted it…

Truth be told, the little inner should not be too important to the baby. Mother can say important things casually: protect the baby’s private parts from bacterial invasion, help build gender awareness and cultivate his privacy awareness, can promote the baby to be more happy to receive toilet training, and so on. So, have you prepared your baby with a little inner inside?

How old is it appropriate for a baby to wear underwear?

Mothers disagree on this issue, but parenting experts are unanimous in their advice – from the time you take off your diapers, you should try to put small underwear on your baby.

Specifically, it depends on the baby’s ability to “hold urine”. If your baby’s diapers can be kept dry for 2-3 hours straight, it means that his ability has improved enough to be toilet trained. Then, at this time, everyone can choose the right time during the day to let the baby take off the diaper and put on the small inner ~

As for the latest time, it was before the age of 3. After all, in China, most children enter the kindergarten at the age of 3. If the baby is not accustomed to wearing small underwear at this time, they already have initial shame once they pee their pants will easily leave a shadow in their hearts, which may lead to greater barriers to entering kindergarten.

Besides, babies wear small underwear to protect their private parts. Therefore, whether from the perspective of psychological growth or health, it is necessary to let the baby wear small inner and inner in time.

How to choose baby underwear?

Quietly tell everyone that many times the baby resists wearing the small inner because it is uncomfortable~ There are some small inner materials that are not very comfortable, and the cut does not take into account the baby’s growth characteristics, how can the baby be happy to wear it with a sense of restraint? Here’s how to choose a safe and comfortable small inner for your baby:


Small inner is worn by the baby, of course, first pay attention to safety~ You know, according to the relevant regulations of our country, textile products worn or used by infants and young children under 36 months (such as underwear, socks, bedding, etc.) must meet Class A standards.

Therefore, please pay attention to see whether the small inner you bought for your baby has passed the national A standard quality inspection. Generally, this standard will be marked with the “Security Category” or “Category” item on the label. As shown in the picture, if the small inner is A mark, it means that the fabric it uses has no polluting components, and you can rest assured to wear it to the baby.


The small inner can not be big or small, just right. If you are small, the sense of constraint is easy for children to resist. And where is too big a pile, the baby walks with a foreign body feeling, and it does not play a protective role in isolating germs.

Generally speaking, the number of small inner yards of the brand is divided according to height, such as 80cm, 90cm, etc. If your baby is on the fat side, then you can consider buying a small inner that is one size larger. To be more precise, you can choose the small inner according to the baby’s hip circumference. The method is very simple: measure the circumference along the most convex line of your baby’s little butt, and then add 5cm. According to the experience of Da Ma, the small inner purchased in this way is just the right size.

☛ Style.

This mainly depends on whether it is a boy or a girl. The briefs have a close corner and limited space for private parts, which is relatively more suitable for girls. In addition, when a little girl wears leggings or pantyhose, it will be very uncomfortable if she is wearing boxer panties underneath.

The boxer panties are loose and breathable, without a sense of restraint, and are more suitable for boys in the growth stage. If the baby is a small thick leg, then it is also recommended to choose boxer panties, which can reduce the friction of the edge of the pants on the skin at the base of the thighs.

By the way, some brands are very intimate according to the different physiological characteristics of male and female babies to launch exclusive underwear suitable for them, very suitable for developing babies, you can also choose Oh~


For many mothers, the small inner made of pure cotton is the best choice for safety and comfort. But in fact, it is not. The small inner moisture absorption and breathability of pure cotton material is not very good, especially when it is hot, it is difficult to keep dry. In addition, the small inner of pure cotton tends to become harder and harder the more it is washed, and the comfort is quickly greatly reduced.

And modal is more friendly, whether it is feel, comfort or moisture absorption, breathability is much higher than cotton fiber. Especially when it’s hot, it’s recommended that you choose a small inner of modal fabric for your baby.


In order for the baby to accept the little inner happily, you can choose his small inner with his favorite pattern or cartoon image, or take the child to the store and let him choose by himself.

The color, of course, is to choose a light-colored small inner inside, which is more convenient for everyone to find the baby’s health problems in time. Remind everyone that once you find that there is suspicious discharge in the baby’s small insides, such as light yellow scabs or dry hard pieces, you should pay attention, the baby’s private parts may be infected by bacteria or develop prematurely.

I believe that everyone according to the baby’s body shape, combined with the above mentioned points to consider, will definitely be able to choose a safe, comfortable and healthy small inner for the baby.