Good evening~

At the end of the first day, how did everyone go?

For centipede essence, the most in the shopping cart is boots. That’s right, today is your favorite 100-yen boots special session~

Is the basic model almost the same? This article will recommend a few pairs of fashionable models worth buying.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, one of the biggest trends in boots this autumn and winter is the strappy element. It’s not for nothing that it’s so popular, the strappy boots themselves are handsome and retro temperament, and no matter how simple they are, there are highlights on their bodies. ▼

What’s more, it’s particularly practical. The lace-up boots can be adjusted to make it easier to fit you.

Lace-up boots can also bring a concave shape by changing shoes, and it is no exaggeration to say that changing a color is equivalent to having a new pair of shoes, and the cost is very low. Liu Wen’s two pairs of boots are similar, and the feeling of changing to red laces is completely different. ▼

And now the lace-up boots have side zippers or elastic bands, which are very easy to put on and take off, greatly improving the utilization rate.

There are already many varieties of lace-up boots, which ones are worth buying? I carefully selected three pairs and asked our royal “supermodel” movement to demonstrate▼

Come to Kangkang~

Square-toe narrow boots

Among the popular lace-up boots now, my favorite is this medium block heel + narrow boots + square toe lace-up boots, which is super suitable for us hobbits! ▼

French women also love to wear this beautiful boot shape, feminine, square and fashionable. ▼

She had previously written Emma Roberts’ shoes, and she planted this boot shape. 157cm dressed as 170cm, inseparable from her good shoes.

These boots are commonly available in nude, black and various suede versions. Among them, I have the most grass nude color, this color has a sense of premium, and it is particularly attractive. Guangdong can also wear it bare-legged, don’t lie to you, wearing nude mid-heel shoes with bare legs really looks huge! ▼

Nude colors are no less compatible than black. Especially for people who don’t like to wear autumn and winter colors, light-colored clothes in autumn and winter can be worn with nude boots, which are more advanced than black. ▼

It’s okay to wear dark pants, but it’s best to choose a harder material, such as jeans, leather pants, corduroy, etc., like soft velor pants are not particularly compatible with it. ▼

Single product recommendation

The daily price is 899 yuan

Double 11 to hand price 739 yuan


20% off

How to choose nude lace-up boots?

The heel choice block heel is more atmospheric, the thin heel will weaken its sense of premium, and the square heel is more fashionable than the round heel. Although it is a narrow boot, it is best to leave a gap of one or two fingers in the cuff of the boot, which is more comfortable to move. ▼


From the girl

It is best to make the leather a little stiffer, because soft leather is easy to wrinkle, light-colored shoes are obvious when wrinkled, and you can wear it for many years when you change to hard and stiff leather~

These nude boots combine all the above advantages, stylish, easy to walk, tall and leg-length, calfskin is hard and stylish, you can’t fault it! ▼

The 6cm mid-block heel is a height that even people who are used to wearing flat shoes can handle.

It’s gentle with light-colored clothes▼

It looks particularly thin on the feet, so it is not only suitable for us hobbits, but also for students with wide feet and big feet. ▼

Personalized Martin boots

I don’t need to say more about how popular Martin boots have been in the past two years~ Especially the black basic Martin boots, almost a pair of human feet, are a must-have for the shoe cabinet.

I found that Martin boots are also the kind – people who love to wear them are eager to buy a cabinet to wear every day, and those who don’t like to wear them only have a pair or even none. Of course, I don’t agree with the words “I’m not suitable for Martin boots”, Martin boots can control a lot of styles, but you haven’t tried enough and haven’t found a suitable ~

In addition to Liu Wen, Kaia Gerber and Elsa Hosek have also collected many styles and can be worn according to the match. ▼

If you’re also a Martin boot lover, or tired of seeing basic black Martin boots, it’s time to buy a special pair.

In addition to black, Martin boots are the most attractive is white, a refreshing light in autumn and winter~ There are many people who wear it every year, which is the classic color of Martin boots. ▼

In terms of color scheme, it is as good as other little white boots, dark and light colors. Wearing a black outfit can break the dullness, and wearing a light color with it is more eye-catching.

Stylistically, it’s more suitable for pairing with pants. If you match a skirt, it is best to choose a long skirt, so that the requirements for the leg shape are lower. ▼

White Martin boots are generally with black laces, buy a pair of white laces, you can wear them as ordinary little white boots, watch Kaia demonstration▼

The daily price is 1080 yuan

68% off

The white version has the same selection principles as other Martin boots. When choosing a model, pay attention to the fact that if you are a hobbit, try to choose a lighter and thinner style, with a thinner bottom, a narrower boot, a longer toe, and the most obvious foot.

In addition, like nude shoes, white boots should also be made of leather and stiffer, which is more durable. ▼


These white Martin boots are very small in design, the side is like Chelsea boots elastic band design, easy to put on and take off, wearing socks “rub” and slide in, and for this hard leather, there is an elastic band to move more comfortable, the cuff will not cut the flesh of the calf. ▼

Its foot feel is also great, it is very light in Martin boots, and the rubber sole is also soft, not tired at all, the more I like it. ▼

Although it is a flat bottom, there is also a 2.5cm bottom that can quietly increase and raise the aura a little. ▼

Another pair of personality models, I recommend black patent leather Martin boots.

Patent leather boots are excellent for embellishment in autumn and winter, and with them, even if they are simple to wear, they are very bright. (The picture is not a lace-up model, but the embellishment effect of patent leather boots is the same) ▼

With it, you can refer to ordinary small black boots, and it is very harmonious with a number of autumn and winter colors, black gray, red brown, checker, etc. ▼

With skirts and pants are OK, the safest bottom is still eight-point pants~▼

The daily price is 1280 yuan

Double 11 to the hand price of 799 yuan

6% off

The selection of patent leather boots actually mainly depends on the material, and the texture of some patent leather boots is really poor, and there is a sense of cheapness. This pair of gloss is quite advanced, and the indoor and outdoor light looks very natural~▼


Martin boots and gauze skirts are also one of my favorite combinations, sweet and sassy

The boots have a taller barrel than the white one, and the legs will appear straighter at this height when it reaches the calf belly. ▼

The cuff is relatively narrow, and it follows the calf line, appearing thin and straight. Muscular legs don’t have to worry, because lace-up boots can be adjusted and the legs can be worn even if they are thicker. ▼

Okay, three pairs of lace-up boots are introduced! Which pair do you like?

The boots recommended above are all from our old friends – designer brands

too many shoes

, Many readers are loyal fans of his family like me. ▼

His home is very cost-effective, inside and out are made of genuine leather, all of them are 100 yuan after folding, and the shoes are also very daily and easy to wear, I have several pairs myself. ▼

Sperm cookies

In addition to lace-up boots, there are many popular boots in his house that are doing well.

For example, this year’s must-have boots – knight boots, his family has a lot of choices, I picked out the most worth buying, it is the kind of riding boots boot-shaped, the side is higher than the front, the boot barrel is a little V-shaped, can show thin legs. ▼


The half-zip design is also easy to put on and take off. The leather is soft and soft, there is no sense of restraint when walking, and the warmth is also good. The sole is actually a popular tire sole this year, but the design is light and thin, and it is not bulky at all. ▼

With suit pencil pants, effortless fashion~

The daily price is 1189 yuan, and the price is 989 yuan, which is about 8% off ~ 1,000 yuan to buy knight boots with good texture and genuine leather inside and outside. ▼

If you want to buy a pair of all-purpose little black boots, try these suede boots. ▼


This narrow boot small square toe boot shape is also the favorite boot shape of French women, showing small feet and thin feet, and their favorite straight/slightly flared jeans are a perfect match ~▼

Suede is also a full autumn material, which goes well with all kinds of soft and sticky autumn clothes. The low-heel design can enhance the aura, and anyone can control it with rough heels~ The daily price is 980 yuan, and the hand price is 689 yuan, which is about 7 folds ~ ▼

In addition to the powerful Double 11 discount, this time there are also exclusive benefits of Li Becca, don’t forget to get the coupon and buy it again! Long press to copy the Taobao password below, open the mobile phone Taobao, you can get it

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His after-sales service is also quite good, can be returned for 15 days without reason, 30 days free maintenance.

Don’t forget to post an order and send a screenshot of the order to the public account dialog box and mark it


, I will draw five classmates to give a gift~

Every time I recommend shoes, someone asks the physical store, the address is as follows, convenient students can try:

Shanghai Wujiao Shenghui Shopping Center B1-68CD

3F, Wushang Plaza, No. 688 Jiefang Avenue, Jianghan District, Wuhan

2F, Hanguang Department Store, No. 176, Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

M023, M floor, Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li, No. 8 Zhongshamao Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

I’m here today, I wish you all the right shoes, good night~

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Single product recommendation

Single product recommendation

Double 11 to hand price 739 yuan