Smartphones have basically replaced the “wallet” as an indispensable product in our lives, precisely because of the high intelligence and portability of smart phones, so designers try to add the functions that can be installed in mobile phones as much as possible; The most typical example is that mobile phones have completely replaced MP3/music players and become music playback terminals.

In recent years, with the advent of the Bluetooth 5.2 era, “Bluetooth wireless headset” with the advantage of light and portable, high-profile sweeping our lives, different forms, a variety of prices of Bluetooth headsets can be seen everywhere, but how to choose a suitable one? I personally think that it is very important to choose Bluetooth headphones to “match”, recently found an official headset for the vivo X70 Pro on hand – vivo TWS 2e, let’s see if this headset is suitable for you!

1. Unpacking:

The appearance of the packaging is more decent square box, more solid, the design of the packaging box is relatively simple, the front side is printed with the pattern of the internal product rendering, the back side is printed with some basic parameters of the product, of course, and the peripheral printing has some “vivo” logo.

After stripping the packaging, we can see that the vivo TWS 2e equips the user with three pairs of soft rubber eartips, a type-C charging cable, and an instruction manual guarantee card.

The appearance design of vivo TWS 2e follows the characteristics of vivo TWS 2, but overall, there are still some differences inside, the biggest difference is that there is no intelligent dynamic noise reduction, but it still retains the intelligent dual-microphone call noise reduction mode. Dual-microphone call noise cancellation mode. In terms of overall appearance, the white tone is considered to be a long-lasting and durable type, what do you think.

2. Connection experience:

vivo TWS 2e, the main cost-effective product positioned in the mid-range, with a price of 299 yuan, cleverly turns some third-party Bluetooth headsets out. As the so-called, there are matching headphones do not buy, have to buy a third party, compatibility unknown products to find guilt?

The vivo TWS 2e from vivo official of course must first support a Bluetooth “pop-up” cool pairing connection, open the lid, and the pairing can play flowers.

Not only that, in terms of function customization, it is also more amiable, directly from the Bluetooth pairing module you can enter the Bluetooth settings page, personalize the Bluetooth headset, and of course, you can also upgrade a firmware for the headset. Intelligent customization service, this is one of the important reasons why many netizens choose official accessories.

3. Wearing feeling:

In terms of wearing, vivo TWS 2e and vivo TWS 2 are the same single ear weight, 4.7g, the measured weight of vivo TWS 2e is 4.6, the weight of the headphone battery compartment is 32.6g, in terms of battery life, one ear is 7.6 hours, and the total battery life is 27 hours. Because of the light weight and ergonomic shell design, wearing vivo TWS 2e is still very comfortable, the fit is very good, the permeability is also good, and the wearing experience is good.

Fourth, talk about the sound:

In terms of sound, Bluetooth 5.2 chip technology, support AAC/SBC two kinds of audio decoding, vivo TWS 2e unit configuration is exactly the same as vivo TWS 2, are 12.2mm large unit, with DeepX 2.0 stereo effect, vivo TWS 2e comprehensive sound quality performance is still remarkable; The sound is mainly expressed in the high tone is clear and not harsh, the mid-frequency vocals are warm, the low-frequency response is slightly poor, or limited by the positioning and cost of headphones, and the large-scale sound field is still slightly weak; For a product with such a high cost performance, I am quite satisfied.

V. Summary of the experience:

vivo TWS 2e is not only the right price, in fact, it does not have a noise reduction function, it may be a gospel for us otitis media users, comfortable to wear, no sense of oppression, sound quality to meet daily needs, isn’t this enough?

Everyone’s needs for music are different, for example, everyone will comprehensively consider the price, function, appearance and other factors into it, and I personally feel that the Bluetooth headset is a smartphone peripheral product, and ultimately a product for smartphone services, so if the price is right, why not choose the official product? The vivo TWS 2e is now my best musical partner for the vivo X70 Pro/Pro+. So will you choose an officially adapted smart peripheral for your love machine? Welcome to follow the post.