[Home of Watches Brand News] Following the successful upgrade of Summit to Summit 2 in 2018, Montblanc complemented the smartwatch collection with another innovation. Summit 2+ is the first luxury smartwatch to activate cellular connectivity directly through the Google app in Wear OS. Even when the owner is away from the smartphone, this new wearable device can always stay connected, thus benefiting the watch owner’s luxury business lifestyle. Montblanc’s unique design offers traditional watch lovers a way to express themselves, while state-of-the-art technology is used in the 43.5 mm pure steel case. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 smartwatch chip, 440mAh battery capacity and 1.28-inch AMOLED screen are perfectly integrated with a 22mm interchangeable strap. With a built-in speaker, Summit 2+ gives watch owners direct access to services such as phones or Google Assistant.

The new Summit 2+ smartwatch is inspired by the design codes of the 1858 collection and offers a variety of expressions. With the built-in watch face configurator, thousands of combinations can be created with custom directions, backgrounds, hands and functions to create a delicate dial that never sleeps. Different dial finishes, black DLC, stainless steel, rose gold and bronze steel can be combined with a variety of interchangeable straps so that customers can find their own personal style. At the same time, each watch is equipped with a rotatable crown and two additional programmable buttons.

Discover companionship

Summit 2+ smartwatch has a built-in outdoor toolbox that includes a speedometer, altimeter, barometer, compass and GPS.

With Google Assistant, you can manage your day-to-day affairs at all times. All notifications, including incoming calls, messages, social media updates and calendar events, can be synced to the Summit 2+ smartwatch via smartphone or directly via cellular network. In addition, the watch offers built-in Smart Reply and other shortcuts to respond to handwriting, keyboard or voice commands.

When the watch face is activated and the color environment mode is enabled, the battery life can be up to a full day when running the Google Wear OS system. If you disable the smart feature and only display basic time information, the battery life can be extended by another 3-5 days.

Make travel a hassle-free adventure

The Travel features of the Summit 2+ smartwatch include the new Timeshifter® app and watch face, which maximizes jet lag by providing personalized recommendations based on travelers’ sleep habits, schedule and aircraft schedules. Favored by astronauts and athletes, Timeshifter® is based on the latest sleep and circadian neuroscience and provides timely updates and indications directly on the dial to help travelers quickly adapt to new time zones.

The new Montblanc Travel Info app provides relevant information on local travellers, while the voice-activated translator provides users with literal translation from multiple languages to the watch display.

Plus Google Pay, it’s quick and easy to buy meals, tickets, and new experiences without cash.

Reach new heights of health and well-being

Achieving optimal physical performance is a key feature of the Summit 2+ smartwatch, and its built-in VO2max is a virtual fitness assistant that gives you personalized workout recommendations and automatically adapts to the user’s physical needs to match the right pace and intensity level.

The Summit 2+ smartwatch tracks and regulates stress levels to improve personal health and well-being, while also features an improved heart rate algorithm. When away from the phone, integrated GPS allows for navigation and more precise fitness tracking. (Photo/text Watch House Xu Chaoyang)