Recently, the news that director Wang Quanan was detained on suspicion of prostitution continued to ferment on the Internet. Wang Quanan, born in 1965, is a famous Chinese director and one of the sixth generation of directors in China. In addition to his high-profile marriage with Zhang Yuqi, Wang Quanan’s love history is also quite exciting, the most widely known is his 10-year love affair with mainland actor Yu Nan, and he also had a young relationship with Jiang Wenli when he was relatively young, and his first love before falling in love with Jiang Wenli was Kong Lin, who was a former classmate and starred in “The Red Lantern Hangs High”. Netizens sighed: It turns out that Director Wang is in love with “goddesses”. Let’s take a look at Wang Quanan’s four bloody history.

First love: Love classmate Kong Lin

In 1987, Wang Quanan gave up the opportunity to study directing at the Lyon Film Academy in France and was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy. It is known that Wang Quanan was also a handsome guy in the class that year, and his first love was dedicated to Kong Lin, a classmate in the acting department. Born in 1969, Kong Lin, born in a Hangzhou art family, is multi-talented, and starred in “The Red Lantern Hangs High”, and this young campus romance ended in a breakup.

Love again: Bonded with Jiang Wenli because of the play

However, the campus love that Wang Quanan admitted was with his sister Jiang Wenli. In 1988, when Jiang Wenli was admitted to Beiying, Wang Quanan was in her sophomore year. In 1989, Jiang Wenli starred in her film debut “Leaving the Plain on the Grass”, playing the mountain girl Water Show, and Wang Quanan played the family young master who was a little mentally disabled. During the filming process, the two sparked and became lovers, and they were often in and out of pairs on campus at that time. During their love, Gu Changwei returned from filming “Ju Dou” in Japan and brought gifts to Jiang Wenli, revealing the intention of pursuit, but was rejected by Jiang Wenli, who had a strong relationship with Wang Quanan. After graduation, Wang Quanan was assigned to Xi’an Film Studio, and Jiang Wenli stayed on to teach. Despite this, Jiang Wenli also went to Xi’an to see Wang Quanan and his parents. Unfortunately, this relationship ended in a breakup, and neither of them made the inside story of the breakup public.

The reason for Jiang Wenli and Wang Quan’an’s breakup is still a mystery, and most media quoted as saying: “The two broke up by Wang Quan’an, it is said that because Jiang Wenli did something that made Wang Quanan dissatisfied, Wang Quanan firmly did not agree with the two to ‘talk’ again.” Later, Jiang Wenli also generously admitted her relationship with Wang Quanan in an interview with the media, and said that the two broke up and were still friends. But the specific circumstances of the breakup, neither of them has publicly discussed it to the media.

Along with this relationship, there is also a photo of the two in front of a large rock. It is said that this is a tourist photo of the two of them. Jiang Wenli is wearing a black T-shirt and white slacks, and Wang Quanan is wearing a pair of green military pants, yellow casual leather shoes, and a BB machine hanging from his waist.

Three loves: Bitterly entangled with Yu Nan for 10 years

In 1999, Yu Nan studied acting in Beiying, and the class teacher was Xie Yuan. Wang Quanan, who was once in the same class as Xie Yuan, returned to his alma mater to look for an actor and fell in love with Yu Nan at a glance. So, Yu Nan quickly and smoothly filmed his first movie “Lunar Eclipse”. In 2002, Yu Nan successively played the leading role in the films “Sting” and “Fury” directed by Wang Quanan, and also won the Golden Rooster Award for “Sting”, the Paris International Film Festival and the China College Student Film Festival with “Sting”. It is reported that Yu Nan was controversial when he was shortlisted for the Golden Rooster Award, and Wang Quanan was also absent from the film festival awards party because of his “anger and red face”.

In August 2007, Wang Quanan announced that he would give up the directing rights of the movie “White Deer Plain”, and Yu Nan immediately announced his withdrawal from the crew of “White Deer Plain”. In November of the same year, “Tuya’s Marriage” won the Special Jury Prize at the Chicago International Film Festival in the United States, and Yu Nan won the film queen. In May 2008, in the large-scale fundraising event “Dedication of Love” held by the Central Channel, Wang Quanan and Yu Nan jointly donated 100,000 yuan, and the love relationship gradually became clearer. Then at the Chinese Film Media Awards in July, the film “Tuya’s Marriage” won the Best Film Award, and Yu Nan won the queen laurels. At the award ceremony, the glittering diamond ring on Yu Nan’s ring finger attracted attention.

However, the last 10-year relationship ended with a breakup, which is embarrassing. Later, Yu Nan mentioned this 10-year relationship in “Lu Yu Has a Date”, saying that the reason for the breakup was inconvenient to say. Yu Nan still hopes to be friends with Wang Quanan, “I believe that if there is a suitable opportunity in the future, everyone will still work together, after all, we have a very tacit understanding in our work.” ”

Flash marriage: Married in May with Zhang Yuqi

Wang Quanan and Zhang Yuqi have an age gap of 21 years, Zhang Yuqi is a post-80s actress, and Wang Quanan is a post-60s old man, which is a veritable “father-daughter love”. The two became acquainted because of the filming of the movie “White Deer Plain”, and the “flash marriage” was arranged about a month after Zhang Yuqi’s old love Wang Xiaofei married Da S, and it was speculated at that time whether Zhang Yuqi wanted to compete with her ex-boyfriend Wang Xiaofei.

And Yu Nan’s withdrawal from the crew of “White Deer Plain” also completed the relationship between Wang Quanan and Zhang Yuqi.

On the evening of April 15, 2011, Zhang Yuqi posted a diamond ring on Weibo, saying: “86.8.8 is my birthday. 8.688 is also the weight of this ring on my hand. When a man brings me a unique ring that fits so well with my life, his love makes me feel warmth like never before, and I want to live quietly with him with this warmth. Thank you to your parents for giving life, and may there be lovers in the world who will eventually become dependents!” It was confirmed that he was engaged to Wang Quanan. On the 17th of the same month, the photo of holding hands was exposed, and the certificate was obtained in Xi’an on the 18th. From exposure to certification, the speed is amazing, and some media use “Zhang Yuqi got Wang Quanan in less than May” to describe the “flash marriage” of the two. It is said that the whole process of the two Xi’an certificate collection is like a “Qiong Yao novel”, romantic and warm.

On April 18, 2013, the second anniversary of their wedding, the two invited more than 40 close relatives and friends to gather in the Maldives for a grand wedding. During the exchange of vows in front of the witnesses, when everyone was waiting for Zhang Yuqi’s “I do”, she shouted and said: “Wang Quanan, I tell you, I don’t plan to divorce!” Wang Quanan also responded: “I tell you, I don’t plan to have another wedding!” After that, Zhang Yuqi wore oversized diamond rings at many events to show affection. The two did not shy away from the gaze of passers-by, and were repeatedly photographed kissing on the street or as intimate as “conjoined babies”.

In April this year, some netizens revealed that the two had divorced, but by June, the two who returned to Beijing from abroad sang their husbands and showed their love again in response to divorce rumors, and there were rumors that the two would make new films together. Zhang Yuqi has been helping Wang Quanan manage the operation of the company and prepare for new films after marriage, because Wang Quanan’s next work is to shoot the epic film “Du Yuesheng”, and all kinds of work are complicated, and Zhang Yuqi has been fully involved in assisting her husband in the preparation of new films, perhaps soon after Zhang Yuqi “did not make a sound for three years, a blockbuster”.

Now, Wang Quanan has been detained by the police on suspicion of prostitution, and some netizens are unhappy with Zhang Yuqi, and some netizens say that Zhang Yuqi may be “unbearable” to Wang Quanan. Someone also dug up Zhang Yuqi’s Weibo post on February 20, 2011, “Whoever is whose husband is a temporary worker!” Two months after posting this Weibo, on April 18, Zhang Yuqi and Wang Quanan got married in Xi’an.

In this regard, some netizens lamented that every relationship or marriage has a side that the outside world cannot see, and now look at this Weibo, some people sigh: “The grave digging party has made meritorious contributions again!” Temporary workers, so it is…” Some people also ridiculed: “The truth is to this day, the reflex arc is a little long.” Named Zhang Yuqi as the “prophetic sister” of Shenzhun.