When you don’t know what watch to buy, a business watch is always a non-error-free choice!

Because it has the most basic three hands and date configuration of the watch, there are some other designs, but they all develop around the word “simplicity”.

Some people fall in love with formal watches because of their simplicity and versatility, and some people are tired of its simple and straightforward, but for the interpretation of “decent”, formal watches are always the more skilled one, because its sense of quality is conveyed by details.

The following 5 formal wear watches that can be obtained around 5,000 are recommended to everyone~


Le Lok Series T006.407.11.033.00 Mechanical men’s watch

Market Price:4,800 Current Price:


Tissot Lilok should be tired of hearing even if you don’t wear it, it’s like that pair of sneakers that are not your favorite, but you wear them to work every day, although inconspicuous, but always easy to wear!

It is designed with an all-steel white body with a concentric round wheat grain dial, more elegant Roman numerals for hour markers, and a 39.3mm dial equipped with “


“The movement, no matter which outfit you wear, it fits in well.

For basic formal watches, sometimes it is most appropriate to be eye-catching but not eye-catching.


Emotional Series Rome Holidays 3390. Mechanical men’s watch

This Aibo Roman holiday is similar to Tissot, but in the presentation of the dial, it is more simple and direct

Steel white background color + bar scale + willow leaf pointer

The watch faces are combined.

The date window at 3 o’clock is also unadorned, with an onion crown and a case back equipped with “

ETA 2892-A2

The movement truly achieves the simplicity and precision of a basic formal watch!


Belenseli Series M027.407.16.010.00 Mechanical men’s watch

However, the real essence of the formal watch must be the leather strap, after all, the details of the dial are not clear at a glance, but the elegant gentleman of the leather strap can see it as soon as he raises his eyes.

The design of Mido Belenseli black leather strap + white simple dial will have a stronger sense of formality, and the blue steel hands in the dial are equipped with bar scales, simple and elegant.

The back-permeable design can be seen directly.

mido 1192

The movement operates with a dial diameter of 39mm to meet the wrist size of every man.


Master Series Open Core Transparent Window RE-AV0002S00B Mechanical Men’s Watch

For Dongfang Xing, an expert who has thoroughly studied the sense of gentlemanhood, how to play flowers on the basis of simplicity seems to be a matter of hand.

This master series does not use a back-through design, and its mechanical expression is

Through the window

For traditional formal watches, this is undoubtedly a “bold” thing. But the results it presents are impressive.

The 40mm dial is made of ivory white, which is more visually comfortable, and in order to avoid complexity, the scales, hands, and subdial are presented in a minimalist style, leaving all the visual centers to the see-through window at 9 o’clock, presenting a comfortable aesthetic overall.


Côte d’Azur 1645/B15 mechanical men’s watch

Of course, you can also come with a little unique charm once in a while. For example, the blue plate, as a popular color of watches, can set off the sense of luxury of men. This little Heppelin nautilus is used

Blue plate + steel strip

is the best proof of this.

The overall line is simple and hard, the dial is decorated with a porthole pattern, the three-dimensional bar scale + rod-shaped hands present a more unique blunt feeling, and it has a luminous display function. The six rivets on the bezel show the toughness of men, which is more casual.

So is a formal watch only worn when wearing a suit? As long as you can wear it, you can wear it as much as you like! Versatile and infallible, this is the charm of formal watches~